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    Computer privacy screens, sometimes called computer privacy filters offers added security by making any image on the screen visible only to the computer user sitting directly in front of the image. Other angles that are not in direct view of the screen are distorted or blacked out completely.

    Types of Computer Privacy Screens

    There are three main types of computer privacy screens, they include; CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor privacy screens, LCD monitor privacy screens and laptop monitor privacy screens.

    Computer Privacy Screens Fabric and Installation

    In general, computer privacy screens are thin pieces of plastic material that easily fit your type of computer display. These filters have either very small louvers or panels that make viewing the screen at any other angle than directly in front of the monitor distorted. Computer privacy screens are usually easy to install using either brackets or clips to attach to your monitor. It should be noted that computer privacy screens do not come in a standard size for each of the three common types of display screens, but are also available in many sizes to give your display a perfect fit.

    Computer Privacy Screen

    Three Main Benefits of Using a Computer Privacy Screen

    There are three main benefits of using computer privacy screen, they include; privacy, glare protection and screen protection.

    • Privacy Protection- for those that would like to keep the images on their screens private, a computer privacy screen is the best way to easily achieve this task. Whether you need to look at sensitive data in a public area or would like to minimize prying eyes in your office environment, a computer privacy screen is extremely effective and affordable
    • Monitor Glare Protection- Another benefit that most computer privacy screens offer is monitor glare protection. Most computer privacy screens are treated with an anti glare coating making it easy to view your laptop, LCD or CRT monitor in sunlight or other high glare conditions.
    • Screen Protection- Computer privacy screens also offer the advantage of protecting your monitor's screen. Whether it fingerprints, scratches or smudges, a computer privacy screen can help protect your screen from damage associated with daily use.

    Computer Privacy Screens are Affordable

    Computer privacy screens are one of the most affordable ways to protect your sensitive data and images either at work or in public. Computer privacy screens are also very affordable, ranging in prices from $20 to $150 and come in almost any size- even widescreen formats.

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    1. Andrew J @ Social Web

      25 August, 2012 at 2:16 am

      Nice post; came here from Blog Engage. I didn’t know much about the benefits of a computer privacy screen, but your three points make a lot of sense. Will look into it.

    2. Nilesh

      15 August, 2010 at 3:10 am

      Thank you for the nice article. Precise and very relevant.
      It would be great if this could be updated with what is the material used for making the privacy screens and if there is any comparison criteria for the screens.

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