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    BNC, which stands for Bayonet Neill-Concelman, is a type of RF connector used for terminating coaxial cable. BNC connectors are used in a variety of consumer electronics, including radios, video devices and certain Ethernet networks.


    VGA, which stands for Video Graphics Array, is a piece of display hardware. The VGA hardware is a 15-pin D-subminiature connector that can be used to connected video input devices to a VGA monitor. This piece of technology is most commonly found in desktop and laptop computers.

    BNC to VGA Converter

    A BNC to VGA coverter is an electronic device that allows an analog signal to be converted into a digital VGA signal. Common uses of a BNC to VGA converter include:

    • Using a VGA monitor with a digital video recorder.
    • Converting the composite analog video output from a standard CCTV camera into a VGA compatible signal so that the output from the CCTV camera can be displayed on a VGA monitor.


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    1. Eddy Lim

      19 April, 2012 at 6:25 am

      Hi Sir/ Madam,

      Where can I buy this product in JB Malaysia?

      Eddy Lim
      H/P: +60167113008

    2. qat

      1 December, 2011 at 7:06 pm

      where can i buy this product in surabaya town [indonesia])? how much price for a unit?
      Thank you for your help

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