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    If you are like the millions of people thinking of upgrading your old TV set for a brand new flat screen TV, you probably have one question- Plasma or LCD? Plasma and LCD are the two major types of flat TV sets for sale. While there is no sure winner since they both have their advantages and disadvantages, here are some of the things you should think about when purchasing the right flat TV for your viewing pleasure.

    Plasma vs. LCD on Price

    At one time plasma TV's were much more expensive than their LCD counterparts, however that has pretty much changed. LCD TV's can be extremely affordable, especially for smaller sizes. In fact, Plasma TV's usually don't come in sizes less than 32 inches where as LCD TV's can cost as little as a couple of hundred dollars for a 19 inch TV set. While LCD TV's are cheaper for smaller sets, most people looking to buy a flat screen TV want a large screen- usually 32 inches or more, here your best bargains are usually found on plasma sets.

    Plasma vs. LCD on Performance

    Most experts tend to agree that Plasma TV's offer a better viewing experience. Now that is not to say watching an LCD is not good, however one of the drawback of LCD TV's, especially those sold a few years ago is that they are unable to make the color of true black, usually the back lit screen produces a very dark grey. Another issue with LCD TV's (although technology has improved) is that you must view the screen head on or to a low peripheral degree. Viewing LCD TV's from the sides will vastly deteriorate the quality of the picture.

    Plasma vs LCD

    Plasma TV's also have issues including burn-in. Burn- in happens when a still image is viewed for an extended period of time causing the image to be burned in or continue to show sort of like a ghosted image.

    Plasma vs. LCD on Maintenance Issues

    In regards to lifespan and maintenance issues the LCD is the preferred product. Plasma TV's generally require more maintenance and their lifespan is less. For LCD TV's expect a lifespan of about 60,000 hours or approximately 7 years of a TV set being on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Using Plasma vs. LCD for HDTV Viewing

    Finally, most TV buyers want to know which one is the best at viewing HDTV (high definition TV). The answer is not that easy and usually depends on the model. Most smaller LCD screens are not made for home theater viewing and hence their resolution levels are lower. However, most plasma TV's, because they are larger are specifically made for home theater viewing and come in usually the highest resolutions available.

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