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    • DNS Server Roles

      DNS Server Roles

      DNS Server and DNS Server Roles Overview Before DNS, HOSTS files were used to resolve host names to IP addresses. The HOSTS files were manually maintained by administrators. The HOSTS file was located on a centrally administered server on the Internet. Because of the shortcomings of the HOSTS files, DNS was designed and introduced. From

    • Understanding Host Name Resolution

      Understanding Host Name Resolution

      Understanding the Purpose of Host Names In TCP/IP based networks, the packets that are transmitted over the network contain the following IP addresses: The IP address of the computer sending the packet The IP address of the destination computer intended to receive the packet. The IP address information is used to forward the packet to

    • Planning DNS Zone Replication

      Planning DNS Zone Replication

      A DNS zone is the contiguous portion of the DNS domain name space over which a DNS server has authority or is authoritative. DNS zones contain either domains or subdomains. The DNS namespace can be divided into multiple zones. Users can even host all their zones on a single DNS server. The Windows Server 2003

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