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    • Renaming Domains

      Renaming Domains

      An Overview of the Domain Renaming Feature With the Windows NT 4 domain model, you had to completely rebuild an existing domain if you wanted to change the names of any of your existing domains. In Windows 2000 domains, you also have to create a new domain but the Active Directory Object Manager can be

    • DNS Server Roles

      DNS Server Roles

      DNS Server and DNS Server Roles Overview Before DNS, HOSTS files were used to resolve host names to IP addresses. The HOSTS files were manually maintained by administrators. The HOSTS file was located on a centrally administered server on the Internet. Because of the shortcomings of the HOSTS files, DNS was designed and introduced. From

    • Understanding DNS Zones

      Understanding DNS Zones

      DNS Zones Overview A DNS zone is the contiguous portion of the DNS domain name space over which a DNS server has authority. A zone is a portion of a namespace. It is not a domain. A domain is a branch of the DNS namespace. A DNS zone can contain one or more contiguous domains.

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