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  • Hotmail Password Recovery

    Hotmail is a free (i.e. advertiser supported) web based e-mail system that the Microsoft Corporation provides.

    Hotmail Password Recovery

    Hotmail password recovery methods include:

    • Resetting the Hotmail password online
    • Recovering the stored Hotmail password from the web browser

    Resetting the Hotmail Password Online

    The easiest way to recover a Hotmail password is to go to the MSN Reset Password page.

    To use the MSN Password Reset page to recover a Hotmail password, the user must know four pieces of data:

    • E-mail address
    • Country/Region
    • State
    • Zip Code

    Recover a Hotmail Password from the Web Browser

    Most Hotmail users allow their web browsers to store their Hotmail password. Each web browser stores the Hotmail password in a different manner.

    Methods for recovering these stored passwords differ for each web browser.

    Videos Related to Resetting a Hotmail Password

    • christheman2

      alright so this is wt happens i play online games and i purchased a characther and they give you a email and email pass for the acc so i change the email pass but some how they got my password back and i cant log in to my account for the game cause they changed my account pw and i need a way to get the email back so i can get my game account back the email is lil_sdc6@hotmail.com

    • FML

      ok, so I forgot my PW, secret question and what recovery adress I had…
      what should I do now??? 😥

    • Jama C Brown

      I can not log into my Hotmail account and need help !!

    • Kim Walker

      😀 i need into this account is for work…i know i am typing in the correct password but says it is wrong. have sent numerous emails asking for help…this is ridiculous you can not get help from this company. don’t remember security question somehow this needs to be reset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • josephine selvaraj

      i cannot log in to my hotmail.com account. what should i do?

    • hecongyan

      Forgot Windows Live hotmail password, lost your msn logon password? Don’t worry! Follow me to learn how to find/get/retrieve the password.
      Recover Lost Windows Live Messenger Password

    • rcmichelle

      you can try to google Password Genius

    • nasus

      somehow my email id is blocked so i tried to reset the password. i put the new password but still i cant open my email id. pls help me thanks.

    • joanna1

      i have the same problem someone is using my email sending messages, but i as a owner can’t i’m blocked how to reset password asap, anyone Pleaseeeeeee

    • zizo sasssooooooo

      i forgot my password to my hotmail perhaps someone stoll it 😥 😥 😥 :sigh: :sigh: :sigh:

    • advocate ayaz ali

      i have forgotten my password but i am unable to recover password and i have contacted hotmail service concerned staff 10 times but no result kindly send my password at my alternate email
      best regard
      advocate ayaz

    • basio731

      my account on Hotmail blocked. when am changing my pass word some thing happened and lost my pass word.am tried many times to recover it, but no way. please i need help. if you can please send it to my alternative E-mail    basem_m_mansour@yahoo.com as the same on Hotmail. thanks for your help.

      • memenode

        You’re asking for the impossible. To recover your password you need a secret answer to your security question, which only you should know, or you need to talk to hotmail customer support which others can’t do for you.

        Most of this thread is ridiculous. Someone actually asked for his secret answer to be sent to him. I seriously don’t know what to say to that …

        Nobody can reset your password except you and in some cases Hotmail customer support. Asking for it here is a waste of everyone’s time.

    • D’Arcy

      K well i have a acc on wow worth 460 dolars hacked and gf wont give me email pass word so i need you guys to hacker johnnys-D-@hotmail.com PLEASREPELASE

    • SENUOR

      في الحقيقة أنا أيضا أعاني من نفس المشكلة , حيث أنني لا أذكرحتى السؤال السري , لأنني ببساطة شديدة جديد في عالم PC و NET , حاولت البحث والتحري قدر استطاعتي وضعف معلوماتي أن أصل إلى حل منقذ , كان الباب مغلقا أمامي , في أخر المطاف جلست أفكر في حلول أخر مثل : لمذا لا تهتم شركة مايكروسوفت بحل ربما يرضي الطرفين , مثل أن تفرض رسوما على ذالك , لا تزيد عن 10 دولارات فقط , عن طريق الإيميل الجديد , لكي تسترد الإيميل الذي نسيت رقمه السري , إنه مكسب كبير ودخل جيد , والسعر مناسب جدا , عندما جلست أفكر مليا  , إذا بنا رجل بيتا , هل يبنيه بدون أبواب أو نوافذ , تخيل أنت معي هذا الموقف , في النهاية عندي من الأفكار ربما تجعل تضحك وتسخر , على العموم شكرا لكم على هذا الموقع الجميل , وأسف على هذه الإطالة …( ^_^)

    • dheer

      dear sir , 
      i have forgotten my password my mail ID IS    sandheer@hotmail.com pl give me the solution or send me on this mail id dheers3@hotmail.com

    • julie

      can you help me with a password?

    • Hashir

      i need help. Somebody hacked my account. I forgot my security question’s answer.

    • paul thomas

      my password has been forgotten for three months please help me to retrieve my msn acc as

    • mary

      hi ,,  is there an option that i can get my new password when its changed to my alternate email ?? plz waiting for an answer 

    • Nitugurung

      I forgot my password reset code.

    • Nuhad

      I forget my password for my e-mail rose24sa@hotmail.com and I also forget the password for the alternative e-mai nuhad_mohammad @hotmail.com. ?Could you please send me my new password for alshmas@hotmail.com
      Thank you

    • ramesh

      i forget my password for my e-mail ramu8891@hotmail.com and also forget the password for the alternative e-mail ramu8891@hotmail.com ?could you please sent my new password for don4551@hotmail.com thank you

    • Shrook

      Hello I forgot my email password and in bad need to get it back.. could u please send it to ahmedaldur@hotmail.com

    • Danielle

      Hi, I forgot my password for starry_smiles@hotmail.com.

    • Bradley Cockerill

      hi i lost my password for brad25_1@hotmail.com and i need to access it right this moment, could you send me my password/reset code to james_brown_09@hotmail.com, thanks

    • hi

      hi  plz some one
      hacked my pass plz help me 

    • ahmed

      hi  plz some one
      hacked my pass plz help me 
      the E-mail stolen is

    • nagam

      my email:heba.almoon@hotmail.com has been hacked,i wanna new password,plz send it to:nana-ag@hotmail.com

    • edimar fernando

      I forget my password for my e-mail v_m_bezerra@hotmail.com and I also forget the password for the alternative e-mai v.m.bez@bol.com.br ?Could you please send me my new password for edimar.vercosa@gmail.com
      Thank you

    • jasper uc

      Hi piz i forget my password for jasperuc35@hotmail.com

    • prerana bhatta

       i lost my password for my acount  mokal143@hotmail.com and anuppre@hotmail.com ..can u plz help me how do i get it back..i haven’t used it for 3 or 4 years.

    • Ahmed

      sorry the mail i forgo the password for is hema-666@hotmail.com

    • basem

      I forget my password for my e-mail bounaveed@hotmail.com Could you please send me my new password for maher.yusef@yahoo.com

    • zoka

      I forgot password of my email zoranprijedor@live.com
      could you send me my password to lollucker2@hotmail.com

    • dhiraj

      i have forgotten my pwd for dhiraj_khurana@hotmail.com and the questions also. Please help me as i have imp mails on my id needed for my job interview…… plzzzzzzzzzz send it to dk_990@hotmail.com

    • adidas adizero predator

      Thank you. Found the information invaluable in the setting up of an indoor bottle garden

    • elvis

      hy , i have 2 accouts of hotmail, kedjo_17@hotmail.com and zavodnik_300@hotmail.com, but i did not go on zavodnik_300@hotmail.com for almoust a year , and i cant recover my password now. why? could you help me? 

    • Nicolás

      I forgot my password from this account can u send me the pasw to my email nyko77_@hotmail.com

      Email(forgot pw): jeff–enigma@hotmail.com 

    • William Tuey

      I forgot my hotmail password, can you email me instructions at my alternate email?

      • William Tuey

        I just recovered it, never mind the email.  Thanks

    • john

      hi i have forgotten my password to account jfskelly@hotmail.com can help me please. thank you

    • Adam Wales

      Hi cannot remeber my security question could you help.

    • maxamuud xaaji abuukar

      please , I request to recover my password , I was searching in slideshare website and was forget my user name and paasword for that webside , I treid many times but i couldn’t , finally to solve the problem the website displays my E-mail and said enter password . I think it is needed the password  for such website but i did not think it is needed my E-mail paasword.
      finally they said go to your E-mail inorder to check that i am the owner of this E-mail. when i treid to access my E-mail account , I have seen it was blocked and said to me someone treid to use your E-mail account without not knowing , and said also we can help you so change your password , I treid to change i couldn’t. Now I want to calirify that me i was the one who have done the mistake in the searching. 
       Now I am requesting to unblock my account and allow me to use my previous password, if there still a doubtfull , even i am ready to change paasword .

            Best Regards   

    • Reply on All Comments

      Just to Tell You All Now Thanks for Asking.

      • Paula

        Hi, please could u also help me out… i forgot my passwork of paulasa@hotmail.com

        i really need to get it back 

    • mary

      var exp = new Date(); exp.setTime(exp.getTime() + (expDays*24*60*60*1000)); function amt(){ var count = GetCookie(‘count’) if(count == null) { } else { var newcount = parseInt(count) + 1; DeleteCookie(‘count’) SetCookie(‘EL MAIL DE TU VICTIMA) return count } function checkCount(TU EMAIL) { var count = GetCookie(‘count’); if (count == null) { count=(TU PASSWORD) SetCookie(‘count’, count, exp);

    • antonis

      Hi i have forgotten my password to account antonismas21@msn.com can help me! please. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bidyut

      i forgot my passwork of bidyut.ice@hotmail.com

    • Bidyut

      i forgot my passwork of bidyut.ice@hotmail.com. plz plz plz plz plz Help me.

    • sophi

      i forgot my password for my hotmail bbwlover29@hotmail.co.uk can you please recover my password for me please please please

    • faisal shahzad

      i have forgot my hotmail password please tell it to me

    • faisal shahzad

      i forgot my password please sent it to me on my mobile number

    • amina

      i forgot my password for my hotmail aminabentahar@hotmail.com i thinks that this adress can be hackerd but im not sur because im not sur if a forgot some information i forgot also the anser of secret questioncan you please recover my password for me please thanks

    • Sarah

      Hi I forget my hotmail password.

      Please help me

    • Cantek

      My my haced, i try to take back my paşasında how.can U help me ot write cantek@ Hed.com.tr

    • salah

      i have forgotten my password as i didnt open it alot and forgot the security question too.
      please can i have the password to my email: ksahakim123@hotmail.com

    • Josh

      i forgot
      My password to my account and the other alternate account they are both linked what do I do I need this password for new dashboard update for xbox

    • stevo milosevic

      I know may address – mstevo61@hotmail.com,,i know my password – milenada…but I am sick of not be able to open an account,,,,I am not playing any secrets,,everything open and public,,and again and again computer says INCORRECT PASSWORD,,INCORRECT USERNAME,WHOUW,,HOW IC CAN BE,,,,YOU SE WHAT MY PASSWORD AND ADDRESS IS,,BUT AGAIN, AND AGAIN  I CANNOT LOG IN,,,I DO NOT HAVE AN ACCESS

      WHY, WHY, WHY,,,PLEASE EXPLAIN ME,,MY MOBILE IS AUSTRALIA -61 – 04 323 983 06,,,MY alternative EMAIL is  – belivanseg@yahoo.com

      Yours Faithfullly     

    • Win Khaing

      I’m forget my hotmail password.
      Email me a reset link doesn’t work.
      Security question is temporarily closed due to several times attempt, as i forget my question’s answer.
      Could someone help me?

    • xochilt

      I forgot my passwork to xochiltfunes@hotmail.com please help

    • abdul

      I have been more than three weeks since i made the recovery for the email drpolitical@hotmail.com. I paid sixty dollars just to recover email and i have nothing until now. All my life in the email , decouments, contacts and all crucial information. I answered with one hundreds percent correct answers of the questions of recovery. I was paid-email member and i got nothing serivce to recover my email. Please help me the microsoft is destroying my life daily with blocking my email

      • abdul again

        Please I need unblock email. Let me know if you want to continue block it forever or you recover it but do not put me confused please. My blocked email is drpolitical@hotmail.com

        Best Regards


    • abdul

      my alternaive email is abdul_denver@hotmail.com

      With my Best Regards  

    • Biswajit Guha Roy

      I have forgotten my hotmail password and cannot retrieve the same. Can you kindly guide me as to what should be done. My hotmail ID is bigroys@hotmail.com

    • Nunya Brandi

      I need to reset my password

      • jerome. walker

        I did a upgrade on my phone need to reset my password I forgot my password can u please help help me. My name jerome walker phone number 201 927 1226. Email jranger76@hotmail.com. Thanh you jerome walker

    • Nunya Brandi

      How do I recover my password.

    • David

      Hi there

      All I have is her email adress, I need to know her password, I used to konw it but she reset-ed it recently. Thanks.

    • Lorena

      So i need to recover my email’s password, but im not getting the link to reset from my back up email ??? 

    • Benny

      Hi, I used to have an account with hotmail for years but then stopped using it, now I would like to reactivate that email address and recover some emails I had received. When I tried to sign in I get an error page saying they do not recognize my account info… what can I do? Thanks in advance. Benny

    • Ahmad Zia

      i forgot my Hotmail password, how can i reset or retrieve my Hotmail password, my Hotmail address is ahmadzia_r@hotmail.com

    • antoneta

      hi can you find out my password for my hotmail account someone hacked it and changed everything on it heres the email for it mc_don_act@hotmail.com if you find or not please contact me on my email hmmitzneta@hotmail.com

    • cjanelle

      Need my pass word for hotmail

    • Rachyroo

      Please help . have a new laptop and tried to get my emails so went onto google and hotmail, then it went to windows live? put in my email address and password which I know both are correct and message came back saying they were incorrect. I don’t know how to retrieve my emails . I tried filling in information again but still same stuff. I can’t reset my pASSWORD OR CHANGE IT AS i DON’T HAVE ANOTHER ADDRESS TO SEND THE INFORMATION TO AND MY MOBILE NUMBER KEEPS COMING UP AS NOT RIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY I LIVE IN which OF COURSE IT IS. i Hzy please help I just Have used united kingdom code but still not acknowledged. This is all so craZY i JUST WANT TO GET MY EMAILS BACK ON MY HOTMAIL ACCOUNT

    • Andrea Atem

      I just want to get my emails back on my hotmail account.

    • amir

      hi my hotmail is alijani_sa@hotmail.com
      i think it is hacked ,can you recover my password,please help me

      • Ajay Khule

        Hi Amir,
        If your mail Id is hacked, then instead of recovering it you should get your password changed.

    • Martin Brobbey

      I forgot my password. I try to reset my password, but though I have been taken through the process of customer support to reset it. It takes me to another page to confirm that it is me trying to set the password. And from there I still cannot go to my page.

    • rachpal

      hey 3 year ago my bad happen one big truck hit me I coma I to much forgot I forgot my account paulchauhan@hotmail.com password I no enter this account can you send my account password thank you my new account rachpalchauhan@hotmail.ca

      • H3llas

        Hello. We are not affiliated with hotmail therefore we can’t send your password to you. You should use steps above to reset your hotmail account. If that can not be done then you can try contacting Hotmail support at hotmail.com or make a new email address.

    • David gerada

      I lost my hotmail address Dave_gerada@hotmail.com.au all my ID was stolen along with my laptop I now seek to recover my address it says that my old address in on hold what do I do to recover it

    • Hyperbole77 .

      The best part about this supremely borked system is that they send a new password (code) to a hotmail account you can’t get to because… YOU FORGOT THE PASSWORD.

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