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  • 8 Awesome Gmail Addons To Improve Your Productivity


    Gmail is one of the best email options available. It’s free, offers lots of online storage and plenty of options to customize email management. Of course, there are times when what Gmail offers isn’t enough, but never fear, there are a huge number of add-on options available. Some add-ons allow project sharing, others optimize contact lists and one lets users know when a email is viewed. There’s even an add-on with the ability to move important emails to the top of the list.

    1. Evernote

    This is an amazing little app that allows users to share notes, emails, and projects with anyone on their contact list. It’s seamless and simple to use, so it’s a new best friend for professionals and students. It also has the ability to keep everything on a computer in sync, makes it easy to remember interesting websites, shares photos and even plans trips. It’s also convenient because it does all these things over multiple devices automatically, so the user is never without the current changes made to important documents.

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