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  • How to Repair a Laptop Screen

    One of the most common hardware problems that people who own a laptop experience is a broken or malfunctioning laptop screen. Laptop screens are essential to laptop use. Laptop screens can be incredibly delicate. However, they are surprisingly very easy to fix  even if the fixer is not a technical person.

    Troubleshoot the Laptop Screen Problem

    Before replacing a laptop screen, it is wise to troubleshoot the problem. While obvious damage to a screen usually requires full replacement, other types of damage that are visible on the laptop screen may not be due to the screen itself.

    Repair a Laptop Screen

    Pixel Problems

    Pixels often get damaged, making the laptop screen very difficult to read and use. Laptops use LCD (liquid crystal display) to show images, which are made from thousands of pixels (little dots). If a few pixels in one area are damaged, this can ruin the entire computing experience. In most cases, it is best to remove the entire laptop screen and replace it with a new one.

    Laptop Screens with Faint Images

    Laptop screens are back lit to improve screen visibility. However, sometimes the back light does not work, making the screen extremely difficult to read. The problem might be as simple as one of the latches being stuck in the closed position. For instance, if the laptop is opened and the switch is stuck in the closed position, the computer is usually on, but the back light remains off. First, find the back light switch. These switches are usually very tiny and located near the laptop hinges. Try to open and close the laptop a few times, if this does not work, a gentle tap or using a small pin to try to gently un-stick the latch usually does the trick.

    The Laptop Screen Flickers or is a Solid White Color

    If the laptop screen flickers on and off, the cause is probably an inverter problem. The inverter supplies power to the screen’s back light. Inverters are easy to replace and usually cost about $100. If the laptop screen is a solid white color, then the problem is possibly a bad cable connection between the monitor and the system board. Open up the laptop and make sure that the cables and connections are set correctly and undamaged.

    Jumbled Screen Images

    Laptop users often see jumbled images on their screen. In most cases, this is not due to the screen itself, but possibly the video card. One quick way to determine what is causing the screen to be jumbled is to connect a monitor to the laptop with a VGA port. If the other monitor shows jumbled images, then the problem is probably the laptop’s video card.

    Replacing a Laptop Screen

    If the image problem is due to a broken or malfunctioning laptop screen, replacing it is fairly easy. It should be noted that laptop screens are extremely expensive and can sometimes cost 50% or more of the total price of the computer, for instance more than $500 for a $1,000 computer. While a new screen can be purchased from the manufacturer, most people either decide to purchase a used laptop screen or buy a new laptop. Those who decide to replace their computer screen only need a screwdriver. Here are some easy steps to follow:

    • Step 1. Note the laptop screen type and purchase one that is guaranteed to fit. While some laptop models from the same manufacture may fit, ensure that it does before purchasing it. When ready to replace the screen, shut down the laptop, remove the battery, and unplug the laptop.
    • Step 2. Locate the screw covers on the plastic frame (usually rubber or plastic) to gain access to the screws that hold the screen to the bezel in place. In most cases, the screen has from 4 to 6 total screw covers. The user will probably need a small flat head or Phillips screw driver. However, some laptops might have their own screw heads that require special screw drivers or Allen wrenches to remove the screws. Screw covers are usually located at the bottom of the plastic frame. However, every computer model is different, so search for the screw covers to gain access to the screen.
    • Step 3. Once the screw covers are removed, remove all the screws while holding the screen in place. Once all the screws are removed, gently pull away the screen from the plastic bezel. The best way to accomplish this is to use one’s fingers to gently roll around the entire bezel, thereby loosening the screen. Once the screen is slightly separated, pull it away from the bezel with a light to moderate amount of force. If the screen does not budge, check whether any screws are still attached.
    • Step 4. When the bezel has been removed, the screen with a metal frame  surrounding it will be visible. Tilt the screen forward, exposing the LCD frame’s metal back. The screen should gently pop out of its back shell. The wires running from the screen to the laptop will be visible. There should be two main wires. The first is a ribbon, which is the video cable. The video cable is usually taped in place. Remove the tape and gently disconnect the ribbon from the LCD screen. The other wire is the inverter’s power cable. In order to only replace the LCD screen, continue to use the inverter, leaving it as is. However, in order to replace the inverter as well, disconnect the power cable and unscrew the inverter from its mount.
    • Step 5. Once the old screen is removed, plug in the new screen and set it in the shell. However, before screwing in the bezels, test the screen to make sure it is working properly. In order to test the screen, power up the laptop. If the screen is working properly when powered up, shut down the computer and continue to screw the screen to the bezel and cover the screws with the plastic or rubber caps.

    Screen replacement is complete. The computer should work like new. Replacing the laptop screen without a technician is a great way to save money, not only on the cost of the laptop screen, but the cost of labor as well.

    • georgiann

      Thanks so much for your information. My laptop opened this morning with a white screen. I looked at other websites and all said it was an internal problem or it was malware or software problems. I read your comment about the back light switch on the hinge and I closed the top lid and reopened and my screen appeared! My problem was that I had closed the top and when I opened it this morning the switch was stuck. You saved me a lot of money for repair shops and time lost from work. Thank you for the simple solution! 😆

    • Greg Edgecomb

      My daughter dropped her Acer eMachine E627 laptop, and ruined the screen. I ordered a new screen. It installed easily, but now I have a blank screen when I power up. I checked all the connections. Any ideas?

      • greg edgecomb

        I checked the screen function with assistance from the supplier.  It was bad.  They sent me a new one and everything is working well.  Replacement is fairly simple for anyone who is handy.

    • cindy ampofo

      hi my laptop screen is half white with coloured lines through iy and what looks like a pic of a big paint brush. I can still use the laptop but only half a screen works. My daughter was on the net when the battery went flat. And when she tried to power up with the adapter this is what happened. Can you explain what couldve happened and what I need to do to remedy this please.

      • emelee

        Mine does that too! What did you do??

        • felicia

          thanks 4 the site to log in complain, my system has change colour from blue to yellow. try to change from properties not applying. the  screen is changing or call it jumping.

      • Jen

        Same happened to mine.
        The liquid crystal in the screen has burst. Mine at first still showed half of the screen, eventually it leaked across whole screen…now I just have a white screen with black blobswhere the burst/leak started.
        Mine happened when closing without paying attention & feeling it not closing right I reallly squeezed it to get it to shut & realised the lead was stopping it, the pressure of me pushing it caused the lead to burts the LCD screen.

        I now have to buy a new screen & replace

        • Kerri

          same thing happened 2 me, I closed the lid with an object sitting on the keyboard. My screen is all white with a big paint brush mark on it & lines all through it. Did u just replace the screen it’self or did something else need replacing to fix it? I took mine to the computer shop & it’s going 2 cost more 2 relace the screen than what I paid for my computer but i can find the screen heaps cheaper on the net but not sure if just replacing the screen will fix my problem???

    • Chuy_818

      How long does it take for a flickered screen to just blank until it doesn’t show anything?

    • Daniel Memenode

      That probably depends on the screen Chuy. Safest bet is to fix or replace it before it goes completely blank, if at all possible.

    • zulfiya

      Hi. My laptop shows black screen. You didn’t write anything about black screen… 🙁

      • sanjeev kumar

        my laptop dropped my hand and my laptop screen visible very difficult. pl give your suggestion

        • Hellas

          Order new display from eBay and replace old one.

    • Chuy_818


      try connecting your laptop to another monitor. If the problem still exist. Its the inverter or the video cable.If your laptop looks normal on the other monitor u connected, its your LCD you need to replace.

    • Remo

      my laptop was work normaly when i shut it down, but when i start it nothing shown to me in the screen, i tried to connect it to another monitor & didn’t work,, 🙁 plizz need help

    • Daniel Memenode

      When did you last shut it down? What laptop is this?

      • Acer Aspire 5540

        The last time was shut down without logging off by a kid who must have pressed any button! Iwasn’t present until I found it turned off!

    • Remo

      i shut it down & 7 hours later start it, & was that b4 3 days,,
      my laptop “Toshiba satellite A200”.

      thanx 4 the replaying,,,

    • Daniel Memenode

      If nothing is showing up on neither the laptop screen nor on other screens when you connect to them then maybe the laptop isn’t even starting up properly. Do any indicator lights show up? Do you hear anything (fans, beeps, etc.)?

      Have you turned it on while connected to main power?

      You could try resetting the bios.

      A good idea might be to take it to the repairman to check it out.

      In any case it doesn’t appear to be a screen issue (if nothing shows on other screens either).

    • Remo

      guys pliz i need some help.. 🙁

    • sndemars

      My HP Pavillion dv2910 laptop screen stopped working. It is not like the typical “black screen” hardware issue that many have. All the blue function lights turn on, but nothing ever shows up on the screen, as if it is “off”. Is this a simple fix as well, or do I need to replace it?

    • umair

      🙁 🙁 hi every one my problem is that when i on my laptop lcd lights on but no disply is showing but when i connect externel monitor display is showing but line line in them but lcd is showing nothing plz tell me hoe can i solve my problem tell me hardware diagram whr can i correct it my email is im4usirftum@hotmail.com

    • umair

      my laptop series is hp dv 9000

    • aindie.tech

      Hi my laptop is HP DV4 – 1220us

      The lcd display is flickering upward, it’s shown full color display and when attached the vga output to another monitor it looks fine.

      please see the same in youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4Kbvch7DX0

      How to repair this type of problem


      • Acer Aspire 5540

        The colour display reerts to 8 bit and I have to adjust the colour to 32 bit. I’m frustrated to do it few times  for a single page visit!

    • Daniel Memenode

      If it looks fine on another monitor, but not on the laptop screen then the screen probably needs to be replaced. Instructions for that are in the article. Like the article says you could try to find a used one so it is cheaper, but if it’s too expensive you might consider getting a new laptop, and using the existing one with an external monitor in the mean time.

    • aindie.tech


      If I am going to repair this one what should be the spare parts to be replace?


    • Daniel Memenode

      I don’t think there are any parts, but the actual screen itself, the thin part that lays in the screen casing like shown in the article image. This site might help you find the correct screen to get for your laptop.

    • Misya

      Hii, my screen is blur n it’s hard to read, any idea to solve it. Tq

    • drksvant

      Hi I have had the same problems with my laptop too. fortunately i found sites like these that help me fix my laptop without calling for a technician. Now I can fix laptops and computers myself and my friends sometimes ask me to fix their machines.

      if you need help with laptop repair watch the videos here for steps on how to repair laptop: laptoptroubleshoot.com there is a wide coverage in repairing laptop on the videos there and also some helpful step by step processes on laptop troubleshooting.

    • Daniel Memenode

      Originally posted by Misya: “Hii, my screen is blur n it’s hard to read, any idea to solve it. Tq”

      Try connecting it to another computer if you have one just to see if it’s the monitor issue or the computer issue.

      If it’s the monitor try to find the reset button on it which might fix it, or play with the settings. If it’s the computer check that you have the latest graphics card drivers, and screen resolution. Is it an LCD monitor?

    • crazzymissy06

      my screen gets really hot in the bottom right hand corner. Once i turn it on it starts getting hot and from the bottom up it gets black in a triangle shape. THe only place that gets hot is that spot. Yesterday the screen started flickering and after about 15 minutes after it started it turned black. But i could still faintly see what i was doing.. 🙁 I need my lap top because i am a full time student.. anything i need to or can do..

      • justin


    • olatunde

      pls guys i need your help
      i finished browsing one day as i was about to shut down my laptop screen turns blank
      i switch it off and on again but it remains blank
      pls help me
      some said it was the flex pls help+-

    • Remo

      hii memenode,,

      i did take it to the repairman & told me that it’s the Mother Board..

      but i don’t kno could b that & how much cost to repair this problem..
      & could b fixed without replace another cuz the new one is expensive..


    • Emily_K

      If you decide not to fix it i know a great website that gives cash for broken laptops. Check out


    • kombora

      Hi my laptop is hp compaq nx 6110, it shows a white screen when i powered it on and the hard disk does not power on when this white screen appears, any idea about solving this problem

    • aish

      HI…I have a HUGE problem…NEED help pleeezzz!!!
      My laptop had a bad fall. 😥 ..and now the screen is not working properly….half of it is solid black then thin line grey then white..weird..and upsetting. :sigh: ..help me out pleez someone…thanx.

    • wholesaleeshops

      Once your old screen has been removed, plug in the new screen and set it in the shell. However, before you screw in the bezels, you should test the screen to make sure 8 inch LCD monitor
      it is working properly. In order to test the screen, you will need to power up your computer. If when you power up your computer, the screen is working properly, you can shut down the computer and continue to screw in the screen 8 inch LCD
      to the bezel and cover the screws with the plastic or rubber caps.

    • JP

      What is the problem if my screen flickers only at the bottom of the screen. It’s just a thin line that takes half the task bar. It’s really annoying but that’s the only problem

    • Daniel Memenode

      Originally posted by JP: “What is the problem if my screen flickers only at the bottom of the screen. It’s just a thin line that takes half the task bar. It’s really annoying but that’s the only problem”

      Try connecting it to an external monitor just to see if it’s the screen or something else.

      If it’s the screen it’s still possible that the connections in the folding part between the screen and the base of the laptop got broken or weakened with use. Otherwise it might be the screen itself that’s the problem in which case a replacement might be in order. In case your laptop still has a warranty just send it in for repair. Otherwise you could find someone to take a look at it and advise a way to repair it, or pay a repairman, or buy a new laptop (especially if it’s an old one).

    • colieskitchen

      I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a Compaq Presario CQ 60 laptop. When I open it up the screen starts flicking. Normally I can get the screen in a position that it will not flicker, but if I bump the table it is sitting on the screen will flicker or I will have to readjust it. Other than that, the laptop has no problems and performs great. I have tried hooking it up to a regular monitor and it works fine no flickering. Does anyone know if it is the Inverter, LCD or the cord that connects the display to the rest of the laptop or what do you think it could be? I would love to try to fix it so that my daughter can use it.

    • Deciblz

      To the issues with with black screen, if the second output also shows a black screen, try pressing the fn button with the video output select button(usually in the upper number keys).

    • Laptop Repair

      Originally posted by Deciblz: “To the issues with with black screen, if the second output also shows a black screen, try pressing the fn button with the video output select button(usually in the upper number keys).”
      Originally posted by Greg Edgecomb: “My daughter dropped her Acer eMachine E627 laptop, and ruined the screen. I ordered a new screen. It installed easily, but now I have a blank screen when I power up. I checked all the connections. Any ideas?”

      Most probably the flex connection was not put back in the right place. If you are not able to figure out, then send your laptop to some specialist. There are a lot of laptop repair : http://www.drlaptop.com places around.

    • compputar

      🙁 my computer hpdv6 is a new computer. i bought it and a couple days after the screen just wouldnt turn on at reboot. i am only 13 and i dont wana tell my parents… haha

    • Daniel Memenode

      Originally posted by compputar: “:sad: my computer hpdv6 is a new computer. i bought it and a couple days after the screen just wouldnt turn on at reboot. i am only 13 and i dont wana tell my parents… haha”

      This might not be a screen problem. Try removing the battery and pressing the start button for 30 seconds or so, and then install the battery back on and see if it works. It seems that worked for a lot of people.

    • mnb

      Hi..i opened my laptop this morning and the screen is cracked and its got this blue and black looking thing on the screen also..Im pretty sure that Im going to need a new screen but i just want to be sure that it would fix the problem before i bought new screen.. ??? 🙂

    • Daniel Memenode

      Originally posted by mnb: “Hi..i opened my laptop this morning and the screen is cracked and its got this blue and black looking thing on the screen also..Im pretty sure that Im going to need a new screen but i just want to be sure that it would fix the problem before i bought new screen.. ??? :-)”

      Well if the screen is cracked the blue and black thing is most likely caused by that. You need a new screen either way. Even if the cause of the anomaly is elsewhere so I’d suggest just going and buying it, and if you still have a problem then it’s something with the connections, but I doubt it.

    • April

      My lenovo laptop was working before but then it showed nothing but ink light I have no picture only pink light is there any way to fix this or do I have to buy a new laptop ? Please help me

    • Vishwas

      Hi I have dell laptop laptop and my screen started flickering and it goes on for a week. After that it started turning yellow when i start computer. Now it totally went black when I start computer cpu and fan runs and i see my windows in background with total black screen.

      Can someone tell me about the problem and how to fix it ?

    • ranjay91

      Ok Guys Reset Reset Reset Your BIOS. Dont ask me how to do this because all of you have different computers just do a google search. once you have effectivly reset your bios (note: Always a good idea to pull ram before reseting) Power On And Keep Pressing F8 If You Still Have No Screen Press DOWN on your navigation keeys and press enter. This will boot safe mode witch will load factory or (OEM) Display drivers to eliminate a problem with a corrupted DLL or somthing If You Still Get No Picture HARDWARE HARDWARE HARDWARE and if its a laptop take it in because unlike a desktop you cant just throw an agp card in when the integrated graphics take a pooh:oops: . this should even fix the guy with the lines in his screen seen this before and BIOS reset alone Fixes it

    • doomly

      help me my laptop has a line in the middle of my screen and some times half the screen is gona i have to hit it so it goes to normal but its getting harder and harder and the midle lines never goes this problems going to get worse if i dont get some help! so HELP 😥 😥 😥 😥

    • Daniel Memenode

      Originally posted by doomly: “help me my laptop has a line in the middle of my screen and some times half the screen is gona i have to hit it so it goes to normal but its getting harder and harder and the midle lines never goes this problems going to get worse if i dont get some help! so HELP 😥 😥 😥 :cry:”

      Looks like it might be a problem with the cord that connects your screen to your laptop’s motherboard. You can either try opening the laptop yourself and checking this or sending it to a specialist to look into it (which would be recommended).

    • maha Ayoub

      Originally posted by cindy ampofo: “hi my laptop screen is half white with coloured lines through iy and what looks like a pic of a big paint brush. I can still use the laptop but only half a screen works. My daughter was on the net when the battery went flat. And when she tried to power up with the adapter this is what happened. Can you explain what couldve happened and what I need to do to remedy this please.”

      omg i have the same problem :'( and i duno wat to do , plz if anyone answered u plz tell me what they said and plz send me, i rly need ur help, thank u.

    • yassin

      My laptop is working ok when the screen is wide open or when its in vertical position, but when I move it to 40 degree position the colors become green .
      Is it normal, or somthing loose ?
      your help will be apreciated.

    • Hellas


      Are you moving whole laptop? Or just screen? If you are moving just screen to keyboard then stop. Open the screen and move your eyesight 40% vertical if it gets green then you have older LCD. If it is ok then something is really wrong since it should not become green when you are going to close monitor.

      • I am having the exact same problem with an HP Pavilion dv4. When open the display hinge (not the computer) the screen turns green. Its gotten worse recently. Now i have to have the screen at a little less than a 45 degree angle to view it. Its obviously something in the hinge but i have never opened a laptop before.

        • Mike

          (also @ yassin) It is highly likely that your laptop’s LCD cable is worn or damaged. This is the cable that supplies the picture signal to the LCD from the mainboard. When you change the angle of the screen, the cable flexes and if damaged will short out and lose some or all of the picture signal.

          The problem will only get worse with continued use – the cable needs to be replaced.

    • jaime

      my compaq presario CQ62 got chocolate milk spilled on it and some of it leaked on the screen. The left lower corner has a brownish tint to it and i don’t know if I should let it dry out or if i should take immediate action. I don’t know what to do, and your help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Jessica

      My laptop was working completely fine about 2 hours ago and when I went to open it, the screen was black. I never dropped the laptop or anything of that sort. I was wondering if you knew any ways to restart the laptop or anything of that sort without me having to buy anything new. Thanks 🙂

      • Ron


        try unplugging it and taking the battery out. then replace battery and plug it back in. that should reset the monitor and let it come on unless it has gone bad all at once. i had a desktop one do that once. was working fine, turned it off, came back 2-3 hours later and nothing…

    • Ron

      I am getting the white screen at random intervals. it might go hours or days without doing it then do it so many times in a row i cant do anything. if i tap the laptop or turn it on an angle it seems to fix it. could that be a loose cable or inverter going bad???? thanks..

    • IDon’tKnowYou

      My laptops go sideways alot… does anyone know how to fix it?

      • Will.Spencer

        What do you mean by “sideways”?

    • PORTIA


      • Will.Spencer

        Does the entire screen change color, or only parts of the screen? If only parts, are those parts squares or circles?

        Has your laptop screen been subject to pressure recently, such as if it was hit by something?

        Do the symptoms change if you push or pull the screen to open it wider or close it more? Do the symptoms change if you gently twist the screen just a little bit?

        What is the make and model of your laptop?

        • PORTIA


    • Proteus616

      hey guys and girls, my laptop screen has a white cloudy color covering the screen
      im not sure why but the colors are looking weird as well such as the black colours are
      more visible (e.g. shadowing on my icons) it was working completely fine i was playing fable on my laptop then i put it into hibernation then it appeered with the white clouded film over it so can you please help.
      Computer specification
      Manufacturer Micro-star INT’L
      Processor AMD Athlon(tm) II P340, dual-core Processor 2.20 GHz
      Installed memory (RAM) 3.00 GB (2.57 GB usable)
      System type windows 7 home premium 64-bit operating system
      Thanks in advance

      • Proteus616

        i believe there is also some form of burn-in in the screen yet i have never left it for more than five minutes to be on the same thing so yeah thanks guys

        • Proteus616

          just tested then with a seconadry monitar(my tv) colour is perfect nothing wrong so it must just be my laptop screen
          thanks Proteus

    • jenny

      Hi, everyone i have a huge problem with my laptop computer screen it’s flickering and i can’t view things right on my screen things like pictures and i got thick bars of lines and thin bars of lines going from side to side on my screen and then they start to look like mountains or hills running up and down it’s looks like a tye dye shirt on my start up screen I don’t know what’s going on do i need to replace my screen or replace my inverter i know that my lcd is not leaking nor is it cracked it’s never been dropped i have a compaq presario F 500 it’s five years old.can someone please tell me what to do about this problem.Thanks ahead of time

    • Angelina

      Hi there.
      The lower third of my laptop screen flickers alot, or will freeze for 10 seconds before updating, or otherwise just turns blank. If I apply pressure (like squeezing between my fingers) to the left hand frame it works but obviously this makes typing very difficult. I plan to buy a new laptop soon, and was wondering if in the meantime there was a way to adjust the display settings so that only the top 2/3rd or half of my screen will display the whole image, kind of like ultra widescreen. I think its probably a loose connection or something but I’m afraid I’ll break the whole thing if I open it up and attempt to fix it myself!
      I appreciate any help, thank you!

      • Will.Spencer

        I can’t think of a way to make the image display only in the upper part of the screen.  I would test different resolutions to see if the issue was better at another resolution.  Depending upon the age (i.e. value) of your notebook, you also might take it to a notebook repair specialist to have the monitor connections adjusted.

    • german

      Hi; I have a laptop with a screen that does not light up. I also tried to attach an external monitor but could not get it to work since I can’t install it due to a dead screen. Any suggestions?. Any command I can give it to at least see anything in it?

      • Will.Spencer


        You shouldn’t need to install any software to support a simple external monitor.  However, most notebooks use key combinations to toggle the signal to the external monitor on and off.  For example, on my Lenovo the key combination <FUNCTION-F7> does this.

        What is the make and model of your notebook PC?


    • sylvia

      my laptop was work normaly when i shut it down, but when i start it nothing shown to me in the screen, i tried to connect it to another monitor & didn’t work,, plizz need help

      • Will.Spencer


        What do the indicator LED’s on your notebook show you?  Are you hearing any error beeps during startup?  What is the make and model of your notebook?

    • Devin

      My laptop screen is white and it flickers alot. I was wondering what should I do??

      • Will.Spencer

        Is it all white all the time? No other colors?

        • Devin

          Yes just white no other colors

    • I dropped my laptop last Tuesday and my screen was just fine until Friday. Now I see red dots on pictures and white backgrounds are now blue. I can still read text but I do not like looking at this bad screen. How do I fix this?

    • Ryan

      My screen flickers white randomly (more so when the screen moves) I have already changed the inverter and it was fixed for about a week but it started up again. I have a toshiba satellite m305-s4848.

    • thenerds

      hey my laptop screen suddenly went crazy as the screen jump up n down and randomly becomes green and then back to normal colour bt it continuues to jump up and down all the way.. it seems like a television was unable to receive the correct signal for the channel what is wrong with laptop lcd screen.. im currently using acer aspire

    • srisha murthy

      I have a compaq persario laptop..once pressure was applied on it accedently …now the screen color appears red.. it costs thousands of rupees for new display. can any one help me and tell how to repair it…

      • Will.Spencer

        Unfortunately, if the liquid crystals are burst due to impact, replacement is your least expensive option.

    • Faruk

      Re: Compaq Presario CQ50
      My daughter has been complaining that the screen keeps flickering when the laptop is moved slightly. Sometimes, she has had to open the screen fully to use the laptop.
      Now, the screen has gone blank (light grey – lit up) permanently.
      I have tried connecting to the HD TV using both HDMI and VGA but no luck.
      Could it be screen, inverter, cable or ribbon???

    • Revan Schippereit

      When I turn on my laptop and it loads up to the user account page for my laptop, there is a line going across the screen, the same goes with when I am logged in, but it doesn’t interfere with my ability to see the stuff on the screen, its just annoying.

    • Aisha Ali

      hi i have a dell laptop…recenlty since a week or so screen strts blinking for a sec or 2 ,,
      wht shall i do to prevent from loosing my laptop screen completely? is this a hardware prob or it will get okay if i just format it

    • abhijeet

      hi i have a problem with my laptop i dont know why but since last year i am facin a problem .on my screen there is one line of different colours mostly red and white at bottom of screen .it is alternating so can u please wat cud be the problem is n any suggestion to repair it

    • Kate

      My screen flickers white; we have this problem intermittently and it is increasing.
      As a temporary solution, we are using a cable to connect to a regular monitor, which stabilizes the laptop screen as well.  At this moment, I am able to read the computer images on the monitor and on my laptop screen, after awhile though, the laptop screen typically starts flickering again.  I am able to still read the monitor (so I can use my computer), but not the laptop screen.
      Do you think it is a loose cable or the inverter or something else?
      Thanks for the info.

    • janus

      my toshiba satellite when i use the adapter only my operating system doesnt start. it will stop and my screen become white. but when i use the battery only the operation is good. the adapter can charge the battery but when i put the battery and adapter the OS doesnt work and restarting and restarting again. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

    • diane

      hiiiI used my computer yesterday night and when i was closing the top my ear phones were stuck and it kinda mad a cracking soundand when i turned on my comupter hald of it was white and there are mixed coulors on the place where the earphone was stuck=| what should i do? do u think i have to buy a new screen?

      • Sriz


        I think u broke the LCD / LED inside, which cant be fixed or even if they did u wont get tat gud feel again. U better contact the laptop ppl if u have warranty so tat they will replace the screen or tell them this is wat happened n i guess they will suggest u to change the screen. This happened to a friend of mine when he tried to lift his laptop holding the screen to sit in a chair n the screen got broke with colored lines in the center with a crack sound n laptop guys replaced the screen for him( he had warranty then )..

    • Muhammad Rifaie Bin Rosli

      my laptop have a black screen when i open it.This happen after a blackout happen and shut down my laptop somebody know how to fix this?p.s i dunno how to connect to the moniter

      • Muhammad Rifaie Bin Rosli

        ohh i was wrong it was flickering and got bars at my ride screen i can still use the laptop but i cant see anything at my right screen because it was like many grey and black bars flickerrring like it was blocking something there

        by the way sorry for my wrong spelling 😀

    • pretnarm

      hello, I have a problem with my screen (VAIO vgn-a617s) for about 3 months now. Screen start to flicker and then it turns black. I changed inverter (bought new on ebay) yesterday, first screen was OK, but suddenly strange buzzing sound appeared near left corner of the screen and flickering starts again. I need to hardly press below the screen to stop flickering, but buzzing sound is still present. Is there something wrong with the wiring or bulb? What should I do to fix this???

    • Hodali Abahumuro

      my laptop has the problem of screen, but itried to put an external mornitor but fails to work. there is no any signal in ext mornitor, please ibeg you assistance

      • memenode

        If the external doesn’t work either then the problem might not be the screen, but the graphics chipset in the laptop. You should probably have it checked by a specialist (in fact most people here could use that…).

    • Anna Watson

      More often there are a lot of issues with your system screen that troubles you, it is always advised to keep it away from liquid things and keep it safe. Thanks for the feedback provided.

    • teresa


      I have an HP DV4000-1465 laptop. Few days ago my LCD screen started flickering (thin horizontal lines) upward whenever I turned on my laptop. However, it gets stabilized after five to ten minutes and the flickering completely dissappeared Once it is stabilized, the LCD screen worked fine for hours (one time I worked almost all night and it was fine).

      One of my friends told me it might be the connection problem instead of the LCD screen itself. Any suggestions or ideas to troubleshoot it? Thank you!

    • Koi

      hello i have a question my inspiron 1318 comes on fine but when it goes to the log in after typing in my password the screen appears white nothing loads up it just stays a white screen what do i do?

    • Robert Wldrn

      I forgot remove the battery when replacing a laptop screen. Now the backlight comes on but there is no image. Can this be caused by not removing the battery? If so is there a fix for this.

    • Chris J

      I have a hp dv9000.  When i start it up the lights around the computer turn on but the screen is black, no responce.  The fan doesn’t turn on either.  After 15 seconds or so the lights around the computer go off and turn back on.  almost like it is restarting.  This cycle continues and doesn’t end until i manually shut it down by holding the power button down.  This problem just started up one day.  Any ideas? 

    • osama

      hi i recently bought hp g62 and iss under 1 year warranty .my screen is not crack but its display is black  and is difficult to read what might be the reasons of it

    • Sunit

      thank you very much buddy.  your advice really helped me allot.
      you rock…………

    • Cody

      hi guys im using a toshiba laptop from like 5-6 years ago but anyway i started up my computer and logged on and then about 2-3 minutes later the screen went black so i shut down and restart and it did the same thing then i restarted and left on logon screnn and still the same thing happens but the cpu is still on

    • Senri

      The bottom half of my screen shows some of the screen or just turns gray.It also has a line in the middle of the screen that seperates the working screen and the bottom part thats a fail.This happened after some heavy books fell on my laptop.I also notice that if I put my laptop screen standing you can see it wiggling like its about to fall off.But it stays strong and won’t go off.Sometimes if I move my screen in a certain position it works.Sometimes its just fail.What should I do?I can’t afford to buy a screen or anything.

    • Tam

      My Dell lap top screen is displaying blue green aftyer some time. i cant see any other image after this. havt to short it down

    • knightz

      Hi, I use Acer Aspire 4551 laptop…but later when I watching movie my laptop going dimmer and turn to solid whitish all over the screen..i tried to restart but it not work because i cant see anything beside those solid white screen..window startup music is heard so i think it connected to cable connection but i dunno how to do it..
      anybody there know how to repair it?? manually teach me..

      • silvearaj david

        i have got Acer laptop 4221 when i watch vedio or net screen goes white if swith off and on it works please tell me how to repair

    • jnana

      hii,, there is a thin blink pink line at the bottom of my laptop….is it due to hardware prob or nything else??

    • Chia

      Hi . I have an HP Compaq Presario .

      The screen flickers but no black or any colours will appear just merely the flickering of the screen. If I use an external monitor it works perfectly fine. The system’s okay .just the flickering, I’m wondering, would it be the cord , inverter or LCD that is going wrong with my laptop . I’m really afraid on how it would cost me.
      Thanks I really appreciate if someone could answer back.

      ps. I’m 14 and I don’t wanna try messing up on trying to open the laptop. cause’ maybe , you know, I could break it.

      and the flickering was just mild before. visible on on the taskbar part but now, it starts to go up.

    • Keith

      Hey, my screen randomly buzzes out sometimes: changing clouds of black and white and vertical lines start to appear over the original image. Symptoms change if i twist the screen just a little bit, but even that short term solution it getting harder and harder to perform.
      It’s a beloved Compaq Presario v3000. Can you help?

    • C-Seeker

      I need to set my Laptop back to the manufacturers settings or at least erase the information on the front window.  The inside screen is badly cracked. Is there a way to connect it to my Desktop Computer to erase my information on the Laptop? I’m sending it to Dell for repair, but my Laptop screen has all kinds of passwords to my bank, credit cards ect.. that I keep on it since I was the only one using the computer. I don’t feel comfortable sending it the way it is, since when the screen is replaced it will show them.

      Thank You!!!

      • memenode

        Does it have a VGA port on its side? You should be able to connect your PC monitor to that and see the picture. Most laptops should have one. What laptop is it?

    • chelsey

      My toshiba satillite a 305 seris just started flickering lines threw what i was on its whatever i have open just blurred lines please help im in college and cant afford to buy a new one with exams this week

    • joan demko

      ok i’m ready to give up, cry, throw my notebook out the window or maybe all 3.  long story short, i replaced my screen and now my laptop won’t power on at all.  it was powering on fine before i replaced the screen, i know the moment the screen was hit accidentally and it wound up with a nice big black spreading blotch so i’m sure that was the issue.  i ordered a replacement for my lenovo ideapad s10-2 on ebay.  found a video and walked through the process.  only thing that seems to be different in other posts/material is that on this machine the only wires connected to the laptop from the screen was the ribbon with the connecter at the end.  no inverter cable coming from the old screen connected to the laptop.
      anyway, followed instructions, plugged in and nothing.  does not power on with battery attached either but i think it may be dead because the computer’s been unused for quite some time without staying plugged in.  not positive though.
      how would this relate to no power at all?  can’t figure it out and nothing i’m reading seems identical to my problem.  i’m an average tinkerer, have fixed lots of computer probs and cell phone probs, screens etc so thought i should be able to handle this.  plus the cost quoted for a repair makes it senseless to fix it, it’s close to the cost of what it was brand new. 
      help!!   and thanks 🙂
      joannie who is not lovin lenovo at the moment

    • titi

      i bought a toshiba e105 s1402 , i have problem with my lcd screen display. It some time show image but then sometimes is just plain white and some colors.For some reason it works fine with out a problem but the problem is getting worst some times it just froze but i still movable just not able to see. I wondering what should i replace.  the lcd itself or the cables.

    • Naaz

      My Acer Aspire laptop has Screen problem, If I hold the screen vertically( 90 degree angle) some times it blinks or the screen completely become black, but if I open more flat (say some 120-130 degree) it functions normally, what might be the reason?

      • memenode

        Sounds like bad connection from the screen to motherboard.

    • miisstyy

      Parts oof my laptop screen keep flickering and when I first turn on my laptop, it is just a plain white flickering screen.this has been happening for about a year now I thought it would just go away but It didnt. My laptop is a ACER ASPIRE ONE. any ideas on how to fix my laptop without having to buy a new screen.

    • Cam

      I have an Asus n80vb series laptop. The screen broke so I replaced it. I was getting a white screen before with some lines and black spots everywhere but the computer worked when plugged in to an external monitor. The new LCD doesn’t even turn on it just stays black, I’m sure the video cable is connected properly since I checked. What could be the problem?

    • Milika

      I have a Acer Aspire Laptop

      In one area of the screen there was a red strip and if i pressed on that area it would go away but now more than half of the screen flashes and it foes black and white on and off


      should i replace my laptop screen?

    • John Holder

      When I touch my notebook screen it feels fine but it looks like it is cracked.  Will a new screen correct the problem?

      • memenode

        Well, a new screen is a new screen, so it’s not gonna have cracks in it. Obviously it would correct the problem.

    • Cicilie Aucoin

      My screen on my lenovo is cracked how much is that going to be and where

    • Juanita Williams

      my toshiba satellite has a black circle looks like someone threw paint on it its colorful lines on one side what does this mean can i fix it myself or does it need to go to a shop ughh just bought it 2mths ago

      • Jose

        Same problem here, i have one of those laptops too, and i accidentally broke the screen, right now i am really sad because i have to replace that piece : (, i heard that it’s very expensive but i’ll have to, i bought it only four months ago!!!

    • nazra

      my laptop’s screen is all black
      its very hard to read anything.
      what could be done to repair this?
      it just fell on the ground and got black
      what could be the reason?

    • dark_deciple00

      i have a compaq pressario cg62, i really dont know how it happened*i suspect water* but well it started out as a black splot on the left hand corner of my screen, soon enough where the splotch was now all the way up the screen is a white bar!! i can still use the laptop but it is really annoying not being able to see a full image sometimes, how can i fix this????

    • Ratna

      I have a HP series laptop with a lot of software uploaded on it. Everything is working fine except a part of the screen.  Due to a band of blue and green lines on one-third of the screen, I cant  see anything in that portion of the screen.I am able to download and read my mails by moving every thing upwards , but since the bottom half is completely opaque, I cant respond to my mails. Is there anyway to fix the laptop without replacing the screen ? Also, besides being very expensive, it seems as if the screen replacement is not such a good solution . Thanks and regards, Ratna.

      • Amu

        I hav the same prb, plz help me out…

        • marlon

          Sorry, but it looks like the LCD is damaged based on your story. This can’t be fixed by any software since it’s a hardware problem.

    • Marcella

      I just replaced my laptop screen and 2 1/2 inches on the right are black, and 1/2 inch on the bottom is mirroring the bottom tool bar. Any suggestions on how to fix? The screen is definitely the same size but it did come with pink and white wire “thing” and what looks like a video card.

    • Ruby Sinha

      I have a compaq laptop. Yesterday when I opened my laptop everthing seemed to be working fine but then suddenly my laptop’s screen became absolutely white. I cannot see my homescreen but only the white colour. Then I switched it off immediately. When I opened it again after an hour or so the white screen appeared again but after some time it worked fine. After that few thin thread like lines appeared on about 1/4th of my screen. Some say there is a problem of motherboard or hard-disk or about connection of graphics card or the laptop screen. Can you please answer me what actually the problem is? Please reply soon.
      With regards,
      Ruby Sinha

      • marlon

        Based on your story, it looks like your LCD needs to be replaced. Hope it is still under warranty. If not, you may try following the procedure above. I suggest that you seek assistance from someone who knows how to replace LCD.

    • Percy

      I have a compaq presario , my laptop goes through all of the turn on sounds but the screen is completely blank. Should I replace or is there another problem?

      • grant

        connect an external monitor and roll back the drivers if this does not work update them and if that does ot work open the laptop and check the connections at the graphics card and on the motherboard

    • grant

      i have a problem with a advent laptop and i have tken many laptops apart befor and they have 2 wires coming from the lcd screen how ever this one only has one going to the graphic card and 1 going to the mobo i have a pink hue overthe screen or the screen just does not work i dont know what to do about this problem please help

    • kuldeep tyagi

      yesterday when I turn on my laptop , I saw a vertical line through the screen, green in color it is in the left side my laptop is Lenovo G 450

    • Desmond

      I have an ACER laptop. I have had it about 5 years now. Dont have the money  to buy a new one. The problem is I have already opened it up to try to fix a screen problem I was having. It kept scrambling and turning colors. The computer works the screen just doesnt not come on. I had it hooked up to my Sony Bravia LCD television and it worked fine on the tv screen. I now have a smaller LCD tv I want to connect it to. It shows the start up on the screen but once it boots up I have no image. Any info or suggestions on how I can make this work. Thanx.

      • Thomas

        there is a lot of simple ways to fix this..
        If you have a newer PC you should be able to press “fn” while pressing the button that presents two screens (a lit one, with a sun in it, and an arrow pointing to a completely white/black screen). This button makes you switch between two ore more screens.. If does not work, i have experienced another solution, where you simply had to blow once or twice in the cable, and in the cable entrance.. that can help too..

    • Sandy

      I have a HP Elitebook 930p  and the screen has been damaged due to water and I need to know if I can just take it apart to dry it,  BTW part of my keyboard keys are not working either.
      Please tell me this is an easy, no cost fix.

      Thank You, 

      • Marlon Franco

        I am not sure about this Sandy, but you can try. I guess it would be best to seek professional help on this one. We don’t want the internal components of your laptop gets corroded.

        • Thomas

          I disagree. You can take out as many components as possible, and put them on a radiator or something warm, then put the rest of your laptop (open, keyboard and screen downwards) let it dry for a week or more, and put all the components back.. try to start up your computer, and it should run OK.. Well not 100 percent as it did before, but rather good enough to studies and stuff like that. 😀

          • Thomas

            well okay maybe you should seek professional help, because when i come to think of it, my dad did this, and he is a professional technician..soo yeaah.. :p

    • allen

      i have a dell inspiron 1545 model . Recently when i turned it on i noticed a thin hair like “red” line vertically across one side of my screen. please give me some help regarding this matter and what shoud be done as soon as possible .

    • Aru

      I have a Laptop  DELL, WindowsXP version. My son while playing some games he did some wrong clicking on keyboard. After that what happened is  Screen facing absolutely towards wrong direction.  for eg. Text Bar went up, start button is facing keyboard. please tell me the solution  as early as possible. 

      • jihad_jiinee

        now this could be a result of ctrl in combination with the arrow key try to us ctrl+alt+ the arrow keys/ctrl+the arrow keys (depending on the OS). Or he has been dragging the mouse around and has moved them if so left click on the task bar and go to properties, then (task bar location) and click bottom/ or click unlock taskbar then use ur mouse and drag the task bar to the bottom.
        Hope it works

      • will casper

        A little confusing but i think he pressed Ctrl ALT down at the same time this would flip the screen. you can reverse it by pressing Ctrl Alt up

    • luke

      i have a hp pavillion dv6000 and my screen is very strange and hard to explain, its as if the color is purple and green around every outline and reading text has become very difficult and when watching a video. please tell me there is a cheap alternative as i cannot really afford to buy a new screen.

    • non techy

      I have a dell inspirion 1525 laptop.  just replaced the screen and can’t get the screen to work…it’s the dreaded “black screen”.  i check all connections twice.  also, worth noting, i had to move the converter from the old screen to the new screen but seemed to be able to do that successfully.  any ideas of what may be going wrong?

    • florry

      hi, My baby splashed just an insignificant amount of water on my HP laptop.  I tried to wipe it off and expose it to fresh air.  by the time I switched it on the laptop screen has turned to black and red.  Hardly can I see most of the icons.  what is the best, safest and easiest thing to do now? – keep managing it like that, purchase a new screen or a new computer entirely? it is so painful.

      • Thomas

        Well i know for a fact that leaving you PC on the radiator, for a looong time, can make your pc work again, though im not sure it will help your screen D:
        If your pc works i would recommend buying a new monitor, maybe 15-17 inches and use that instead..? 🙂

    • Staid

      Hi there, I have Acer AO Laptop after two years and now my LED LCD become a little wavy. Example for displaying straight line, the line not fully straight but a little bit wavy. This make the whole looks a little bit distorted. I found, the wavy is more when my laptop on with longer time, it’s a little decresed at first boot (turned on). 
      How do you think? Is it LCD problem (the panel), the inverter or vga card.
      Thank you

    • De Andra

      My laptoP screen wires broke, the red,black, and white wire broke. I can’t use my laptop unless I connect it to an external monitor. Would I be able to fix it by getting a whole new screen? My warranty supported fixing the screen but staples is filled with assholes and they didn’t want it fixed.

      • Marlon Franco

        They should fix or replace it if its under warranty. What’s the brand of your laptop and model, and where did you buy it?

    • Monty Lemire

      I have an acer aspire and the screen works but it seems the hinge causes it to short out…
      It will go black as soon as it open to about 3/4 and then only lights back up if I close it slowly to a position that it seems to make contact…
      Any Ideas what will fix it?

    • Kay

      My HP Probook 4520 goes from a perfect screen to a purple with a white border. Intemittently it comes back , then it happens again. What could I do?

      Also, Toshiba LS3500 took a hit and the liquid crystals can’t be read. How could I get this back? 

    • Robert Grabe

      I have a toshiba laptop and the LCD screen looks like a photo negative.Is it the inverter?

      • Joseph

        I dropped my laptop the other day and i have the same problem now.. it works fine but the image is just a bit hazy and looks like a photo negative like yours…anyone know whats wrong and how to fix it?

    • Kiran

      Hi! I have a lenovo laptop and its screen has been replaced twice but again i am finding some errors that leads the screen to be faint and white. I still have a little time for the warranty but when i claim it, they just replace the screen and return, which i cannot trust anymore, as it has failed twice. Also if i keep on replacing screen like this, my warranty period will be finished and I might end up with a damaged screen again. So what can i do? Please give me suggestions. 

    • r k trivedi

      i have dell vostro 1015 laptop its screen showing a small blue pixle at right side. so please  give me best suggestions to remove this spot. 

    • James

      Hi thanks for the tip about the back light switch, had no idea it would have been that causing a black screen till reading this!

    • chris

      my laptop somehow accidentally got closed with a cord in between….my screen now has colorful vertical lines… is there anything that we can do??


    • Daniel

      I have hp laptop and the screen damaged what can i do?

    • roy

      Our Compaq laptop screen goes from perfect to lines when the screen is opened and closed.  Unfortunately it has gotten pretty bad now.  Thanks for your help.

    • William

      Thanks for sharing this information this time i really need this type of information.

    • Jane thomson

      my laptop screen was broken just like you mentioned above, i brought it to glasgow computers and they charged me £65, do you think that was a fair price to pay? g5 9ru


    • tim

      i got 3 mini touch screen laptops when i recieved them 2 of them do not have the program or software installed for touchscreen to work the other wont calibrate where can i get software to fix them and how can i get the other to calibrate please help almost christmas  thanks

    • Sam Pringle

      absent-mindedly closed my Gateway laptop with my earbuds on keyboard.
      Next morning awoke to find impression of earbuds on screen while powering up. Laptop now won’t function. ???????

      • margaret fullam

        I did the same thiung, except it was the mouse and only for a few minutes.. black circle where mouse was and weird lines on screen. Did you ever find anything out?

      • lockpique

        I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve noticed in the past that a lot of my earbuds tend to be a bit magnetic, or develop a lot of static charge over time. Magnets can mess with your laptop in unpleasant ways. Does your laptop turn on at all, or have any lights on, or is it an expensive paperweight?

    • Marc

      Thanks some of your ideas ended up saving me from buying a new inverter or screen. All that was wrong was the cable the connects to the back of the lcd came off. All fixed now! 🙂

    • Jeffrey Isbell

      To me, you are the bomb (yeah I still say that). You are the only person who suggested the simple simple idea of checking/cleaning the screen/hinge switch. The first time I touched it, the screen popped right on! Tomorrow when I get up (it’s late here) I’m going to clean it out properly! Thanks very much, I had almost ordered an inverted. This has been like this for weeks.

    • Sharon

      My screen has always stayed on and now it turns itself off. I do not turn off my computer or the screen. Can anyone tell me what/how to correct this “nuisance” of the screen turning off?

    • Lori

      About a week ago I droped my laptop. Now when my Dell Inspiron is loading the right side of the screen has a long black shape with a white top. On certain pages the color is distorted, flickering and many small lines running thru the page.
      Do I need to replace my screen? I just got this 3 months ago.
      Thanks for your help.

      • Ajay Khule

        Hi Lori,

        Listening to your dilemma, I think you need to replace your screen.


    • Jeremy Cookus

      my screen is black i turned it on and it was black it was working fine yesterday, would getting a new screen fix this problem.

      • Daniel Memetic

        Try connecting it to an external screen using HDMI or VGA connector (whichever you have) to verify that everything else works, that it’s not an issue with software or some other component. If picture shows on an external screen and you can boot as normal, then the screen is at fault or the connections to the screen.

        I’d recommend you take it to a technician for diagnostics first (which are sometimes free or cheap), but you’ll likely need to replace the screen.

    • danielle

      I stepped on the cornor of my acer laptop and now its black wit colored lines going down is that fixable?

    • topazmoon11

      I am so proud of myself for fixing my my laptop screen which went white and flickered for the past several weeks — worked like like honda93, rhonda and others describe – I could get the screen to work by pressure, etc. but it was flickering and fading out all the time. Today I noticed a tiny screw in the casing near the screen was missing – so, before ordering a new screen or I replaced it and tightened all the screws and screen is fixed and working perfectly! Try cleaning and home maintenenance first (although my cleaning is probably how I lost the loosened screw…..:) )

    • eddie

      i have an alienware laptop and i droped it and now my screen wont function at all, how can i fix this without replacing the screen

      • WillSpencer

        What exactly do you mean by “wont function at all”? Is it all black? Does it light up at all? Do you see a cursor?

    • Milliejerry

      Hi, I would be very grateful of any help. My 2 yr old Sony Vaio PCG 91211M was fine. It was laid back on its screen with the back of the screen on the ground snd the keyboard part in the air. Was like this for about half hour, came back to use it and the screen is white. If plugged into another monitor that works. Has had battery removed and switched on and off but screen still white. It is a 17″ screen. Any ideas please?? Cheers Alison

    • Debbie Adams

      Help! I closed my laptop and did not notice I had a Ink Pen inside so when I opened it up the next day it looks like a crack in my screen straight up the middle. The glass itself is not broken (you can not feel the crack) so I am assuming its inside (liquid crystal)? So question is can I fix this I noticed in reading your very helpful article that it could be costly? I have a HP Pavilion that I paid a little over 1,000 for and have had it for about 2 years. Is it worth me doing this and if so where do I purchase the new screen or would I be better off to take to the computer geeks? I just need this done in a hurry I do transcription and I cant get behind. Thank You So Much!! Debbie

      • WillSpencer

        Depending upon your specific Pavilion model, a replacement screen will cost you $50-75. Add an installation charge to that, unless you install it yourself.

        What model of Pavilion do you have?

        • kylie

          Will I have a Pavilion dv6 and I stepped on the open screen. the whole screen pretty much looks like its leaking and the bit that’s not just has a hundred miles an hour writing in the background. could you recommend where I can get a new screen

    • Meghan

      Ad soon as i turned my laptop on the screen turned half white static blinking and the mouse stopped working

      • WillSpencer

        Reboot, then check the physical connection between the laptop and the laptop screen. Move the screen up and down to see if this is an issue and tighten all the connections that you can.

    • Tina

      Please help I am desparate, my laptop (HP G62-219CA) was being used on a bed not hard surface. I think it heated up to much due to not being able to vent the heat. I turned to see the screen go black unformly. The screen is now white with lines verticle lines. I have hooked the computer up to another screen and all seems fine. Is it that I need the screen replaced (it is white so there is light in the background) or is there some way to get it working again? I am at a loss I have left it for a few days hoping it would come back to a working order but nothing still. Do I have to order a new screen?

      • WillSpencer

        You might open it up and check the connectors, but it does sound like a screen replacement is going to be required.

    • Nino

      Good day sir i am thinking if its possible to fix my Toshiba A300 lcd? there is a small inkblot in the middle of the screen. Is there a way to fix it? tnx…

      • WillSpencer

        Dead pixels suck. You either learn to ignore them or you replace the display. A replacement display for the A300 should cost you under $100.

    • rfriend1

      My Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop sometimes seems to get a white film over the monitor
      and the computer, I think, either slows down or stops for a little while. What do I

      • WillSpencer

        I can’t visualize what you are describing. Can you try making a screen shot when this occurs, either with the print screen function or with a digital camera?

      • maxfires

        you have none responsive programmes the screen goes milky white while it waits for you to close it,or wait for it to respond.

    • abdifatah

      hi there i have hp compac laptop presario cq57. as i was using it lying on my be although the screen was facing up but suddenly i tried to face it down but noticed the inner part showed white and some ink and since the it does not look like physical damage, no crack only sreen does it white and ink inside it. so do i have to take it to specialised people to replace the scree. and where would i get the screen from? sir would you please help me

    • GeviReddy

      recently i broudht hp laptop ,model model no 1550.
      in that i faced one problem that is one horizontal line appear in the bottom of the screen.
      i didn’t understand why its appearing.
      if you know ,how to resolve that problem please send me repply to my gmail

      • WillSpencer


        If this happens under all software, then it is a hardware problem. If it is a hardware problem, then you will either have to live with it or replace the screen.

    • Whitney

      Omg am dead for breaking my laptop screen

    • Whitney

      Hi first what happen is that I was watching a movie then it was slow then I get a little mad I took the cd out then I put it back then did not work then I get very mad I touch the screen then not thing happen then I did it a again then it break my heart was paing then I get very scared then sad oh no my dad is ganna hit me hhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn ! Then I was sad then I went the bathroom and bring my compter in the morrior then I get some little bit of water then the screen was fine but when turn it on the screen of break 🙁 🙁 🙁 then I try everything I could not thing work please help me tell me what do please please please he. Will. Get. Very mad. Because. The. First. Thing. I break. It. Was. My sisters. iPhone and. In. Chrismas they. Give. Me a iPad and I was watching google movie then is slow everything wrong it stop every time 🙁 ! Then it break Now this one oh no please tell my what to do if my dad’s see it my dead am not gitting the suff I want for Christmas please tell in chrtmas I want I iPhone please tell me what to do please please please 🙁 🙁 🙁 !

      • WillSpencer

        1) Quit hitting stuff.

        2) Order a replacement display for your sisters laptop.

    • Asieh

      Hi! Someday ago, because of the loose screws which connect the hinge to the monitor, the part of the bezel of my hp laptop was suddenly broken and after that when I turned on the laptop, the screen was blank.
      The screen is illuminated but shows nothing and it is blank. Actullay the screen is divided in two vertical blank parts which in some angles one of them is brighter than the other.
      I have checked the cables around the hinges and they are in good position and not frayed or disconnected.
      Is it because of some other unconnected wires or do I need to change the lcd?
      Thank you.

      • H3llas

        Without taking a look physically on your computer it is hard to say. Guessing I would say you need to change display. Can you try connecting your laptop to the external monitor?

        • Asieh

          Thanks for the answer. Since every piece of my work is in this laptop, during these days, I connect it to an external monitor and it works fine.

          • H3llas

            I would suggest making backup.

    • Laurel

      My bag which had my laptop in it fell off a chair and when I tried to start it up, all the buttons work fine but the screen has a large white patch with the rest black with pink and green lines across it. I don’t know much about the computer except that it’s a samsung with windows seven. Also if I tilt the screen, colors pulse in the white area, they look like cracks?

      • WillSpencer

        That’s a broken display. You’ll need to replace the display.

        If you’re reasonably mechanical, you can do this yourself. If not, you’ll want to have a repair shop replace it for you.

        • sid

          is it very expensive to repair a broken display?

      • sid

        I have the exact same problem

    • terri

      My laptop screen is black, ever so slightly illuminated so I can tip the laptop to a angle and see faintly what’s on the screen, any ideas?

      • maxfires

        check the backlight bulb and the inverter

    • SullivanSt

      My son’s laptop (Acer AS5742Z-4685) screen sometimes freezes, usually with a ghost of a window title bar or something where it shouldn’t be. He tilts the screen and it’ll refresh briefly and then freeze again, until eventually he finds an angle where it works for a while.

      I’m presuming it’s a problem with the connection through the hinge, although I suppose it could be a loose connector at either the screen or video adapter end… is there much hope of repairing that? Is it possible to replace the wiring, for example?

      • H3llas

        LCD is usually connected with some version of flat cable. Generally not hard to replace if you are sure that cable is a problem.

      • maxfires

        you can get screen cables for almost all makes.put your model number and screen cable in the search box of say ebay or something similar

    • John

      I have a ACER 5735z at the bottom of the screen the is a thick line about 2 to 3 inch thick going from black to grey and white at the bottom but the rest of the screen is ok can you help I am changing the inverter and hoping that it may correct it thanks

    • Mary Snyder

      Hi. when my laptop boots the screen is orange. then when I go online the edges of the screen are orange & there are blue lines running from the top of the screen to the bottom. I’ve been trying different things such as checking for viruses & using ccleaner for 2 days with no results. Please help. Mary

    • phellep

      Hi. my laptop screen been exposed to direct sunlight and now the screen has a mixture of colors on one side and a whitish (sun like) on another wit a black lline in between the colors.
      How do i fix this problem?

    • bucko

      have taken out my samsung laptop screen and a little magnet appeared from nowhere i can see .. where does this go

      • H3llas

        Hard to say. Magnet is probably just for the screen’s lid to close properly with the base. Look somewhere around the top of your lcd case.

    • Titan

      Hello, I need a solution for my Laptop screen, cause it shows horizontal lines at the bottom, started like the very bottom, then for after many days, those lines are added, like fourth quarter of the screen, like nearly to the half of the screen, but not that near too much, so please help me before these horizontal lines occupy the whole screen, i also notice that there is a single line above too, i hope it wont grow there~ Please help.

    • Paul

      Greetings. I own a Acer aspire s3 Ultra-book (Model MS2346) which in the past 2 years has been working perfectly. Anyway, yesterday I tried to power on my laptop and suddenly instead of the boot screen it only showed a trembling image of the screen along with a lot of reappearing lines and eventually it showed a white screen after I pressed the enter button.

      I connected it to an external monitor and it works as it always did: perfect. But here is my dilemma… Could the above be a software problem? If I format my hard drive, could the display be fixed or I should order a new one? Could the above also be, because of a broken LCD cable?

      Thank you for your time. I really appreciate your help.


    • Alex Ward

      i own a compaq laptop and it was all working fine the other day i turned it on to download some things and everything is in a photo negative colour even videos

      • Rocangelo

        Check to see if it got an virus

    • Vijay

      I own a compaq hq presario CQ50 (107 AU) AMD athlon 64bit with nvidia graphics.It was working fine till the day when I have opened it to clean the heat sink.Unfortunately,the power cable coming from LCD to motherboard was torn off and accidently without properly checking(+ve or -ve sign) I have plug the power cable coming from LCD to motherboard.After that I am getting blank screen and if I open & close the lid a solid white color is coming.Its working perfectly on eternal screen and booting up,powering on,listening to songs etc….except LCD display.Please help me in getting LCD repaired myself if possible.What could be the damage parts in this scenario:Inverter,Graphics card,LCD,Cable connection etc??
      I will be very thankful for your kind suggestion and valuable advises.

    • mightydaxx

      Good Day! my laptop monitor split into 3… how do i fix it…

    • isinneedofhelp

      Someone stepped on my computer and now the screen has white lines on it but it’s not cracked. Is there anyway to fix this?

      • sheryl

        i have the same problem on mine 🙁

    • Jane

      I accidentally pushed too hard on my sister’s laptop and now the screen’s images are jumbled. Is there anyway I can fix it without her noticing?

    • kayla

      I HAVE A LAPTOP and since we got it made a nosie thing were it would sound like it was breaking and it was!! the screen is coming apart in half there is a crack how would i fix it if i cant how much would it cost to get it fixed

      • maxfires

        replace the screen…. on line guides available to do it yourself or a tec shop.the screen is the expensive part.while you are repairing the laptop clean out the fan and heat sinks.the noise sounds like the fan.

    • Eve

      I droppped my laptop and the screen is broke.. nothing but wired colors. Does that mean my software..my contacts and photos are lost.? Please give me some advise. thank you.. Evon

      • Most likely not. Notice the service guys to make backup for you so you can just copy data to your new computer.

    • Nana

      Hi!. My pc is an Acer emachines442 and for a while now the screen is goten dim in the left side, slowly it became all black,and then after a while the backlight it’s gone. I went to a pc service and they’ve said that they didn’t found anything and that it’s normal again. The problem is that the backligh it’s off again but when I pressure on the keyboard it’s becoming all white as new. I took off the keyboard and pressed in the middle and if I keep my finger pressured enough it stays with light. Heelp 🙁 !

    • judahccv

      I had one tech guy say this would work, and another said it wouldn’t. My Sony Vaio Laptop’s screen broke during a car ride and I was trying to find a replacement. The old one was 15.6″ and 1366×768. Can I attach a 15.6″ full-hd screen on here and have it still work? If I could, fabulous because I would have a resolution upgrade for editing videos, but otherwise I would like to know soon.

    • HarleeQuin78

      Hi! I am recently having a problem with my HP Pavilion dv6. Last night I was playing Dota 2. The system became unresponsive (meaning, the animations were displaying correctly but no input from mouse or keyboard had an effect), so I tried pushing Escape (nothing happened) and F3 (nothing happened), then just tried pushing any buttons to see if there was a result (no change).

      Suddenly the screen started flickering (by flickering, I mean as if the screen would disconnect and reconnect quickly and repeatedly) and then the whole system turned off (not went through the shut down process, but just instantly powered off). I tried to reboot the system; you could hear it power on and stay on, see the LED indicators that showed it had power and was running, but the screen remained black (solid black, like when the laptop is turned off). I tried restarting it several times last night and got the same result. I have had problems with the CPU overheating due to poor product design in the past, so I figured yep, it ate another hard drive. (I have had to replace the hard drive once already in the 3 years I have owned this laptop. Since then, I always use a cooling pad underneath, and although I use it in my lap and not on a flat surface, I have it propped between my stomach and leg, so the bottom of the laptop and cooling pad have nothing between them and airflow. Also, sometimes it overheats anyway, in which case I will set it on top of a large standalone room fan til the surface cools off significantly.)

      I tried it again today and the computer started right up as if nothing ever happened with the exception of the “Windows did not shut down properly” screen. I ran a system check and disk check, both came back fine. I tried running League of Legends, and can log in and start a game, but as soon as I start moving, the screen flickers for about 2 seconds then the system powers off again. It does this every time I try to play. So, I tried it in Safe Mode with Networking, same problem. Tried running Hitman Pro both in regular mode and Safe Mode (without networking), same problem. The laptop is plugged in and charged at 100%. The battery will not hold a charge longer than about 15 minutes these days, so I have to keep it plugged in all the time. I have played League of Legends for about a month with no problems. I used to play Dota 2 frequently with no problems, but had recently reinstalled it to try playing again. I have also recently installed the latest java version for 64-bit Windows 7 and I run Waterfox (64-bit version of Firefox). Any ideas or suggestions? Also let me know if you need any particular information I have not given.

      PS: I have had the laptop running for about 3 hours now, without trying to run League of Legends, Dota 2, Hitman Pro, or any other programs other than Waterfox with zero problems.

      Product name: HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
      Product number: WQ680UA#ABA
      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1
      AMD Phenom II N620 Dual-core processor 2.8 GHz
      ATI MObility Radeon HD 4200 Series
      4GB RAM
      500GB HDD
      Default power saving options
      Installed: AVG Free
      Advanced System Care 7
      Java 7 update 67 for 64 bit
      Waterfox 64 bit

      • Tiffany

        But .y laptop. Don’t coming grey screen and I don’t what to do
        Then press f8

    • Vesuvius Jovanovic

      Hello,i have a problem with my laptop,my laptop was working all right an suddenly….When i turned it on next day i saw vertical lines running across the screen…A guy told me that the problem is a video card!!! I don’t know what happened but looks like bottom of my laptop is half opened,perhaps it crashed a way too hard.Also when i touch the part of the screen where those lines are they change their color,please give me a fast responce

    • clark

      could some help me.plss. my laptop screen display has a problem. Recently i have a full display display in the screen i can see whole thing in my desktop. But now, when i open my laptop again from the boot logo until i logged in to windows i cant see the bottom of the screen. I wonder what happened. My laptop is windows 8 and all drivers are updated specially the graphics. I tried lower resolution but unluckily problem still occurs. I cant see the down part of the screen. Please help me. My laptop is KATA.

      • clark

        please reply

    • Barb

      PLEASE HELP!!! I am replacing the plastic keyboard frame only on my Compaq Presario CQ50-215NR computer. It is the plastic frame that covers the power and WIFI buttons and surrounds the keyboard. I have the replacement part but need instructions. I am not doing anything else except replacing this part. Can anyone provide me with instructions? MANY! MANY! THANKS!!!

    • ITservice

      Laptop service instructions is amazing, it is useful for how to repair a laptop screen. I knew some of well known Laptop Service
      Center, if you want to repair your whole laptop. please visit ITservice

    • Phyllis Williams

      I have an HP dv7-3065dx Entertainment Notebook. The other day I was searching for a new bathtub and suddenly something changed. The screen on my laptop seemed to bled red with black lines whenever anyone in a photo wore black. I closed out Windows and then when I opened it the entire screen was this strange color red with black snow, which is the only way I know how to describe what I saw. I restored my computer to an earlier date but nothing changed. Please help me.

    • Katelyn Cooper

      In combination (with other things), 25dollarsupport is with all/also the good other choiceto fine-tune all computer confusing and very hard situation instantly.

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