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    A browser toolbar is a type of browser extension. Browser toolbars add additional buttons to the browser interface to accomplish frequently used tasks.

    Popular Browser Toolbars

    Google Toolbar


    • Google Suggest – Get query suggestions as you type in the search box
    • Spell Check – Check your spelling whenever you type in web forms
    • AutoFill – Automatically fill out forms for faster online shopping
    • Word Translator – Translate English words into other languages

    The Google Toolbar supports Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

    Yahoo! Toolbar


    • Now available for Windows, Mac and Linux
    • Instantly access your favorite sites
    • Open new tabs from Toolbar buttons
    • Quickly add RSS feeds to My Yahoo!
    • Instantly save and “re-find” pages with My Web.
    • Adjustable search box – resizable to fit your needs

    The Yahoo! Toolbar supports Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

    MSN Toolbar


    • Browse smarter with tabs – Switch between websites within the same IE window
    • Find anything – Search the web any time, anywhere, and locate documents, e-mail, and more on your computer
    • Shop faster – Fill out web forms with one click
    • Access MSN services – Get one-click access to Microsoft Hotmail, MSN Messenger, and MSN Spaces

    The MSN Toolbar only supports Internet Explorer at this time.

    Dogpile Toolbar


    • Web Search – Find the best results from the Web’s leading search engines.
    • Yellow Pages – Access business listings easily from one location.
    • White Pages – Look up residential listings from around the U.S.
    • Popup Blocker – Block those annoying popup ads forever
    • RSS Tool – Add any type of ticker feed, including news, summaries and blogs. Learn more.
    • Ticker – Get the latest news and information delivered directly to your ticker.
    • Ticker Customization – Control the ticker’s speed, size and scrolling direction.
    • Cursor Search – Search any word(s) from a Web page or Word document by right-clicking your mouse.
    • SearchSpy – Watch scrolling terms to see what people are searching for in real-time.

    The Dogpile Toolbar only supports Internet Explorer at this time.

    Merriam-Webster Toolbar


    • Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary search box always available in Internet Explorer
    • Just type or highlight a word and click
    • Results display in a new window so you won’t lose your page
    • Accessible from your right-click menu
    • Easy to install and customize

    The Merriam-Webster Toolbar only supports Internet Explorer at this time.

    A9 Toolbar


    • Search the web directly from your browser
    • Bookmarks – located on the server so you can access them from anywhere
    • Use the Diary to leave notes on any web page, which you can later access from any computer
    • Check your browsing and search History from anywhere
    • Automatic List feature to ease search result navigation
    • Get related links and ratings with Site Info
    • Block annoying popups
    • Highlight any term on the page

    The A9 Toolbar supports the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape web browsers.

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    1. LUNA

      23 June, 2011 at 1:39 am

      Can you pls advise when and what Toolbar is compatible with the new Firefox?  It is very hard and time consuming not having a toolbar.

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