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    PDF (Portable Document Format) is the extension for a document file that allows users to interact with the file’s pages and content. It is the most commonly used file for eBooks and manuals because the viewer has the option of jumping to a specific page or chapter. Likewise, PDF files give the author the ability to highlight text, insert pictures, insert notes, and perform a wide variety of tasks that are not generally found in other word processing software. Adobe Acrobat Reader and a number of other programs specifically made for accessing PDF files can view and modify a PDF.

    What is PowerPoint?

    Microsoft PowerPoint is a program included in Microsoft Office that allows the user to create presentations, videos, and slide shows. PowerPoint is similar to other Microsoft Office programs and allows the user to add many different elements such as pictures, tables, graphs, text, audio, and special effects to his/her presentations. The user can also highlight text, change how fast slides are presented, and integrate data from other Microsoft Office programs into his/her presentations.

    Converting PDF To PowerPoint

    While PDF and PowerPoint files involve many of the same features and elements, the major difference between them is how they display their content. PDF files display their content in the form of pages that the user manually scrolls through while PowerPoint files display their content in the form of automatic slides that are much more interactive and entertaining than PDF files. In order to make an ebook, manual, or personal document more exciting and informative, the user may choose to convert a PDF file to PowerPoint through document conversion software.

    Able2Extract PDF Converter

    Able2Extract PDF Converter is a commercial software that converts PDF files into a wide variety of other document formats. It converts PDF files into PowerPoint files as well as Word, Excel, Notepad, HTML, Publisher, AutoCad, and Open Office documents. Additionally, Able2Extract PDF Converter can convert any of these file formats into one another. Able2Extract PDF Converter is available for a 7-day free trial and can also be purchased.

    ImTOO PDF To PowerPoint Converter

    ImTOO PDF To PowerPoint Converter is another commercial software that is designed specifically for converting PDF files into PowerPoint files. This software supports all Microsoft PowerPoint versions and allows users to specify the page range of each PDF file that is being converted so that either an entire PDF file or a single portion can be converted. Additionally, users have the option of converting a batch of PDF files at a time. ImTOO PDF To PowerPoint Converter works with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, is available for free on a trial basis, and can be purchased.

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