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    • How to Track Website Visitors

      How to Track Website Visitors

      Web analytics is the process of quantifying the behavior of a website’s visitors. Web analytics have become a very important part of e-commerce since they can show the website owner which landing pages are effective in convincing people to subscribe to services or purchase the company’s products. Web analytics can also be used to monitor

    • How to Add a Site Search Feature to Your Web Site

      How to Add a Site Search Feature to Your Web Site

      A site search feature is an option to enable your web users to search your entire web site for the content they are looking for. The two general methods of implementing a site search are: Site Search Online Services Site Search Server Based Programs Site Search Online Services FreeFind is an online service that will

    • Where can I get Free Content for my web site?

      Where can I get Free Content for my web site?

      The Internet contains a significant amount of incredibly valuable information which you may freely use in your web sites to benefit your web site visitors. This content is covered under a wide variety of intellectual property laws. Some free content is placed entirely in the public domain, while other free content is released with a

    • HTML Special Characters

      HTML Special Characters

      HTML special characters allow us to improve the presentation of our web documents quickly and easily. Description Numeric Alpha Presentation left single quote ‘ ‘ right single quote ’ ’ single low-9 quote ‚ ‚ left double quote “ “ right double quote ” ” double low-9 quote „ „ dagger † † double dagger

    • How to Setup an Intranet

      How to Setup an Intranet

      An intranet is an internal or restricted access network. It is very similar to the Internet except it is used within organizations and businesses. The intranet uses the same types of web technologies that the normal Internet (or extranet) uses, except the content and data that is transmitted and received occurs internally. An intranet website

    • SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language)

      SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language)

      Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) is a markup language used for speech synthesis applications that is based on XML–the set of rules used to encode documents electronically. SSML is one of three of these types of markup languages that allow for voice created functionality within Internet browsers and email programs. The ultimate goal of SSML

    • List of Bad Web Robots

      List of Bad Web Robots

      This list of bad web robots was originally compiled by funender. Some of these robots are designed to copy entire web sites, which can utilize a great deal of bandwidth. Others harvest e-mail addresses for spammers. Most benefit their owners, while providing absolutely no benefit to the web site owner. You must decide for yourself

    • How Does HTML Work?

      HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and is used to describe the visual appearance of a document to be displayed by a internet browser. HTML documents consist of document tags which act to directly describe the visual appearance of a web page or to provide a directive command such as inserting imagery or a link

    • How to Prevent Caching of Your Web Page

      How to Prevent Caching of Your Web Page

      How to Prevent Caching The web documents, media and other web resources that are retrieved by a web browser are often saved, or cached, locally on the user’s hard drive. Caching reduces load times when a user browses the Internet by reducing the amount of new data that needs to be transferred. The next time

    • How long can my URL’s be?

      How long can my URL’s be?

      While there is not single specific value to determine the maximum length of a URL, users should be aware that variances in standards can cause different results. HTML3 imposes a 1024-character limit to attribute values, while HTML4 has no such restriction. There is no set minimum or maximum URL length, but some applications do have

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