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    • Troubleshooting SMS

      Troubleshooting SMS

      Troubleshooting SMS Site Server Installation Issues When SMS Setup fails to install the SMS site server, you can use the information in the Smssetup.log file to determine where the SMS Setup failed. A SMS installation failure usually fails in one of these categories: Disk issue Security issue SQL Server issue A few common SMS site

    • How Microsoft Office Activation Works

      How Microsoft Office Activation Works

      If you have just purchased Microsoft Office, you will be required to activate this product directly with Microsoft. Microsoft product activation is set up as an anti piracy feature. This feature is created in order to verify that your Microsoft Office suite is not a fake copy and is legitimately licensed to you as the

    • NetBIOS Names

      NetBIOS Names

      A NetBIOS name is an identifier that NetBIOS services running on a computer use. It is a combination of a 15 character (byte) name and a 16th character denoting the service. These names identify resources on the NetBIOS network. NetBIOS cannot do name resolution on the Internet because NetBIOS names are single part names and

    • Planning a Remote Access Strategy

      Planning a Remote Access Strategy

        Remote Access Overview Dial-up networking allows a remote access client to establish a dial-up connection to a port on a remote access server. The configuration of the DUN server determines what resources the remote user can access. Users that connect through a DUN server, connect to the network much like a standard LAN user

    • Backing Up and Restoring Active Directory

      Backing Up and Restoring Active Directory

      An Overview on Backing up and Restoring Active Directory To ensure availability of mission critical resources and network objects, and business continuity, you would need to perform back ups of Active Directory if it is running in your environment. This is because Active Directory normally hosts mission critical data, and resources. Backups are typically preformed

    • sndvol32.exe


      In simple terms, sndvol32.exe can be described as a Microsoft Windows certified executable system file that comes along with all 32-bit versions of Windows operating system and is responsible for controlling volume and mixer settings of audio channels inside the computer. Why is sndvol32.exe essential in a PC? – Located primarily in system32 directory on

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