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    • How to Delete Deleted Files Permanently

      How to Delete Deleted Files Permanently

      Contrary to popular belief, deleting files from the Recycle Bin does not completely remove the file from the computer. Instead, deleting a file simply tells the computer that the memory it was using is no longer needed. When the computer needs the memory for other files, it overwrites the original information. However, until the file

    • How to Open a TTF File

      How to Open a TTF File

      TTF files are files that used a font developed by Apple in the 1980s to compete with Adobe's Type 1 Fonts. Since then, TTF has become one of the most common fonts for both Mac OS and Windows. However, other fonts have also been used–OpenType and ClearType. Regardless, many computers are able to open TTF

    • How to Make a Timeline on Microsoft Word

      How to Make a Timeline on Microsoft Word

      A timeline is a tool used in a visual presentation in order to present data or unique events in a sequential fashion over a defined time frame. In the past, unique programs such as the Adobe or Corel tool suites were the only programs available to individuals capable of creating a professional product. Microsoft Word

    • How to Add or Change Keyboard Language Layout in Windows 10?

      How to Add or Change Keyboard Language Layout in Windows 10?

      During the install process of Windows 10 you will have the option to choose the keyboard layout. If you don’t choose anything, Windows will choose the keyboard layout depending on the country you picked. Keyboard layouts are usually language specific, so the layout will not be the same for English, German, Serbian, French or let’s

    • SolutionCenter.msi


      Windows users may encounter the following when trying to start the HP Solution Center: “The installation package for solution center cannot be found. Try the installation again by using a valid SolutionCenter.msi.” This error commonly occurs when the solution center software was installed from a downloaded file and is then unavailable to reinstall the HP

    • How Internet Authentication Service (IAS) works

      How Internet Authentication Service (IAS) works

      Internet Authentication Service (IAS) is Microsoft's implementation of a RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service) server and proxy. As a RADIUS server, IAS performs centralized connection authentication, authorization, and accounting for many types of network access, including wireless and VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections. As a RADIUS proxy, IAS forwards authentication and accounting messages to

    • Monitoring and Troubleshooting the DHCP Server

      Monitoring and Troubleshooting the DHCP Server

      Users can use the Event Viewer tool in the Administrative Tools folder to monitor DHCP activity. Event Viewer stores events that are logged into the system log, application log, and security log. The system log contains events that are associated with the operating system. The application log stores events that pertain to applications running on

    • What is a CDFS?

      What is a CDFS?

      The term CDFS (CD File System) is used for both the Linux and Windows Operating Systems (OSs). CDFS is a file system that was created for Linux in 1999 and exports all boot images and tracks on a CD as normal files. On the Windows OS, CDFS is the driver file that is used to

    • Controlling Bandwidth Usage in ISA Server

      Controlling Bandwidth Usage in ISA Server

      Bandwidth Usage in ISA Server Network performance can depreciate because of a number of issues. With ISA Server, you can use bandwidth priorities and bandwidth rules to set propriety levels for traffic. Effective bandwidth is the terminology used to describe the data transfer rate available to clients through dial-up connections or dedicated Internet connections. Bandwidth

    • Managing the DHCP Server

      Managing the DHCP Server

      Management Tasks for the DHCP Server The common management tasks that you need to perform for your DHCP servers are listed below: Delegate DHCPadministration to individuals. View and analyze DHCPstatistical information. Change the status of the DHCP service. Configure superscopeadministration entities. Back up the DHCPserver database. Restore the DHCPserver database. Repair a corruptedDHCP server database.

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