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    The programming language called PHP is quickly rising to be one of the most preferred web browser programming languages due to its user-friendliness, efficiency, and user control. PHP allows a user to describe specific functions within the code in order to drastically control the way a web browser displays and organizes information. A user is able to mix PHP and HTML within the same document to reach the desired effect. In this article, we will talk about how PHP works and why it is preferred by the people who use it.

    What is PHP

    PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is a programming language that allows for the user to have more control over the HTML that makes up a web page. PHP allows for many more functions than HTML does, such as DIV tables, login functions, and graphical displays. PHP was originally known as Personal Home Page, which describes the purpose of the language. PHP works alongside HTML within the same document which allows for users to organize and display information within a web browser much easier than other programming languages. PHP is easy to learn and allows for users to make a web page look and behave exactly as they want it to.What are the Benefits of PHP?

    Easy To Read

    PHP is preferred among users because it is easy to read and understand. Many programming languages are complex and intimidating to new users while PHP is organized, clean, and fluent. PHP documents do not have to necessarily be in any order which allows for users to quickly add new functions whenever they want without having to make sure that the new code is in the correct place. This is excellent for users who have long scripts for many of their pages, especially for style sheets and reference documents.

    Easy To Edit

    PHP is also easy to edit as a user is able to quickly scan a PHP document for the code that they are looking for and change it to suit their needs. Many other programming languages require that you change multiple functions within several documents in order to do the same thing that PHP can. PHP documents can also be easily integrated into a collection of other PHP documents or individual PHP commands. This allows for users to take full advantage of their programming skills and computer experience as they can write their own PHP scripts and extensions without having to handle a large amount of file cleaning.

    More Control

    PHP offers more control over web browsers than other programming languages do. Many other programming languages require large scripts to do simple tasks while PHP can do the same thing with a few lines of code. PHP allows users to design web pages to their exact specifications and it can even be used alongside other programming languages to perform a wider variety of tasks. When using PHP, the user can stop focusing on programming and concentrate more on designing their website.

    Better Performance

    PHP has better performance ratings than other programming languages do. PHP is fast, efficient, and works great in almost any web browser as well as integrating into almost any server. A user is able to add a few lines of code to a PHP document, click save, and watch their website transform into a more powerful and more organized version of itself. PHP documents are high in demand because they compete with almost all other programming languages available. PHP is also quickly growing in its capabilities and offers more features as well as better operating standards every day.

    PHP Is Free

    Another reason that PHP is preferred among users is that it is entirely free. While many other programming languages require that the user obtains expensive programs and pays for support files, PHP is open to anyone, anywhere, and any time. A beginner in PHP does not have to worry about finding support for their interest in programming and web design as there is an entire online community dedicated to assisting others in PHP manipulation and implementation. PHP is also aided by many large companies that contribute to its success on a daily basis.

    PHP Is Widely Available

    As PHP has become such a success on the open market, it is very difficult to come across a web server that does not support PHP development. Users can also take satisfaction in that both individual PHP tags as well as entire PHP documents can be found on the Internet at no cost. Thousands of these predefined PHP commands are available around every virtual corner and even those predefined documents can easily be edited to suit the user's unique needs.

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    1. Anna Harris

      7 May, 2012 at 12:38 pm

      1> PHP is Totally free to use or download. and no restrictive licenses require to use this.
      2> Consistently Updated : The PHP language is kept up to date by a team of global experts for requirements of today’s websites.
      3> Runs On Over 90% of Web Servers and every OS available to use this language.
      4> Ready Made Frameworks : there are many PHP frameworks Free available to take care of many of the regular functions like member management, admin back end, search function, content management etc.

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