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    • Understanding and Implementing WINS

      Understanding and Implementing WINS

      Windows Internet Name Server (WINS) Overview WINS is an enhanced NetBIOS name server (NBNS) which was designed by Microsoft to resolve NetBIOS computer names to IP addresses, and at the same time eliminate the usage of broadcasts for name resolution. In this manner, WINS eliminates traffic generated by broadcasting on the network. WINS provides a

    • What is a Segmentation Fault?

      What is a Segmentation Fault?

      The term “segmentation fault” refers to an error received on computer systems, especially Unix-based operating systems, when a program is attempting to perform an action that is unavailable or not allowed. Segmentation faults often arise when a program is attempting to access memory that the computer cannot locate or when a user or program is

    • 0xc0000135


      Windows error 0xc0000135 is displayed when an application fails to initialize properly. It is also displayed when a new program, game, or plug-in is installed and fails to work properly due to the wrong version of .Net being installed on the computer or as a result of a computer malware infection. Is the .Net Environment

    • Troubleshooting Group Policy

      Troubleshooting Group Policy

      Through Group Policy, a wide variety of user and computer configuration settings can be applied to users and computers in Active Directory. If an Active Directory environment includes a hierarchy with many different organizational unit (OU) levels, when group policies are applied at these different levels within the hierarchy, it is almost certain that Group

    • Configuring DNS Clients

      Configuring DNS Clients

      Configuring DNS Client Settings Configuring DNS client computers typically entail the execution of the following administrative tasks: Setting the client computer names for each computer. The computer names that you configure should not be greater than 63 bytes. The name can only include: Uppercase letters; A – Z Lowercase letters; a – z Numbers; 0

    • How to Install Windows OS on an External Hard Drive

      How to Install Windows OS on an External Hard Drive

      An external hard drive is a storage device that does not sit inside the computer’s chassis. Instead, it connects to the computer via a USB port. Users can carry the external hard drive with them and access their files from any computer in the world. External hard drives can store many hundreds of gigabytes and

    • Troubleshooting SMS

      Troubleshooting SMS

      Troubleshooting SMS Site Server Installation Issues When SMS Setup fails to install the SMS site server, you can use the information in the Smssetup.log file to determine where the SMS Setup failed. A SMS installation failure usually fails in one of these categories: Disk issue Security issue SQL Server issue A few common SMS site

    • Error 1721

      Error 1721

      This is an error commonly witnessed when you try to uninstall a program using the "Add or Remove Programs" in Microsoft Windows XP. The message itself will read: "Error 1721. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personal

    • How Do I Make Index Cards in Microsoft Word?

      How Do I Make Index Cards in Microsoft Word?

      One of the better functions of Microsoft Word is the ability to change the layout of the page so that you can create different sized documents. Making index cards in Microsoft Word is very easy and, if your printer is good, they will print and read very good. It is important, though, to get blank

    • Windows 10: How to Install and Remove Fonts

      Windows 10: How to Install and Remove Fonts

      Every now and then, especially if you are in graphic-related jobs, you will get in situations where default Windows 10 fonts are not enough. Luckily, of all Windows operating systems, Windows 10 offer easiest way to find, buy and install more fonts. To find a font, you can use one of the many free font

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