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    DiSEqC stands for Digital Satellite Equipment Control.


    DiSEqC is a communication bus between satellite receivers and peripheral equipment such a LNBs, switches, and antenna positioners.

    DiSEqC communication occurs over the existing coaxial cable.

    Eutelsat developed DiSEqC and released it to the public as an open standard.

    DiSEqC Specifications

    Bus Specification
    Logos and their Conditions of Use
    Slave Microcontroller Specification
    Update and Recommendations for Implementation
    Application Information for using a “PIC” Microcontroller in DiSEqC LNB and Simple Switcher Applications
    Application Information for Tuner-Receiver/IRDs
    Application Information for LNBs and Switchers
    Reset circuits for the Slave Microcontroller
    Simple Tone Burst Detection
    Positioner Application Note
    Positioner Application Note Version 1
    Technical Information Service
    Registration Form for DiSEqC Product Directory

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