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    TVRO stands for "TV Receive Only", but that really does not give you a good sense of what TVRO is. The term TVRO is used to describe both Free To Air satellite and paid programming over similar equipment.

    Free To Air satellite is unencrypted. TVRO premium analog channels are encrypted using VideoCipher II RS. TVRO premium digital channels are encrypted using Digicipher II.

    TVRO programming is encoded with MPEG-2.

    TVRO Programmingwhat is TVRO

    For free TVRO programming, see What is Free To Air?

    Paid TVRO programming is available from National Programming Service and SuperStar.

    TVRO Satellite Bands

    TVRO content is transmitted on C Band and Ku Band. Most consumer-oriented C Band content is migrating to Ku Band.

    To receive TVRO programming, you will need:

    • A satellite dish (Either C-Band or Ku-Band)
    • A TVRO receiver or PC card
    • An LNB
    • An antenna motor (If you wish to receive channels from more than one satellite)

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