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    Satellite receivers come in standard, HD tuners, DVR, or FTA formats. In a standard receiver, the digital broadcast signal is decoded and presented in the television in an analog format. Most satellite receivers feature an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), which contains a list of the available channels and programming.

    HD Receivers

    Made for high-definition satellites signals, an HD receiver presents these signals to high-definition televisions (HDTVs) or HD-ready televisions in their default widescreen digital format. It can also broadcast audio signals in Dolby Digital format, aside from high-definition signal and excellent picture quality.

    Digital Video Recorders

    A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) satellite receiver is a combination of a DVR and a satellite receiver in a single component. It is equipped with a built-in personal video recorder (PVR), which can record satellite programs in its hard drive. A standard DVR satellite receiver has the capacity to accommodate 100 hours of recording time. Some of the higher-end receivers can reach up to 200 hours. DVR receivers can also allow fast forward, rewind, and pause options to users when they want to skip commercials or take a break.

    Free To Air Receivers

    Free-to-air (FTA) receivers are designed to receive unencrypted broadcast signals. They can decode standard MPEG-2/DVB-S formats for digital television. FTA receivers are designed to detect active transponders in its channels without being pre-programmed thereby recording any available information it can detect.

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    1. Andrew Dahison

      3 March, 2014 at 7:47 am

      There are few types of satellite receivers are being available which can facilitate your TV box to receive High Definition signals, access free to air channels and record digital videos. You have shared some crucial information on such satellite receivers. HD receivers have become so popular among TV viewers.

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