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    In this fast-paced world of moving data and transferrable information, businesses must keep themselves in top performance in order to handle the ever-changing markets that they face. Inventory management software helps businesses do that by keeping track of inventory, stock, cashflow, and in some cases, income and expenses. Inventory management software comes in many different forms and not each program is alike. This article will list a number of inventory management programs so that businesses and individuals alike can choose a software that works for them.

    InFlow Inventory
    InFlow Inventory allows users to keep track of over 10,000 products from one computer. The software is also compatible with many popular barcode scanners that the user can plug into his/her computer in order to scan items with. The software can keep track of multiple locations, log inventory movement history, measure amounts in various measurements, and can even automatically assemble virtual finished pieces and track them based on the inventory of that piece’s parts. For example, if the program sees that the company has one bicycle frame, one handlebar, one seat, and two wheels, it will automatically track it as one bicycle and still show the quantities of the individual parts.

    FishBowl Inventory
    FishBowl Inventory allows users to count, track, and manage their inventory while increasing their bottom line. FishBowl is partnered with QuickBooks and is fully integratable with the software. FishBowl allows its customers to track inventory from their cell phones and mobile devices and can show the user exactly where a particular item is, right down to the shelf and bin number. The software includes a 100% money-back guarantee and is available on a free trial basis and free web demo.

    Megaventory is a free service that allows users to keep track of their inventory and spending by issuing invoices, purchase orders, and sales orders. The service can also send messages to employees and clients so that everyone is on the same page. Megaventory is entirely web-based and can have multiple users accessing the same account simultaneously. With Megaventory, users must follow only four steps to get started: Create an account by adding business data, create users and decide what kind of access each user should have, manage business data and inventory, and share the data with partners, employees, or clients.

    ASAP Systems
    ASAP Systems is a company that offers software specifically designed for barcode scanners and RFID trackers. ASAP Systems provides users with inventory control, asset management, inventory tracking, tool tracking, a warehouse management system, and even chemical and medical supplies tracking. The company serves a number of industries including military, business, all levels of government, hospitals and clinics, schools and libraries, banking, information technology (IT), and even emergency services.

    ProcureIt is made specifically for medium and large businesses to track their spending habits and make decisions on where unnecessary spending is going. ProcureIt includes a free Buyer’s Guide and is known for reducing companies’ expenditures between 5% – 15%. The software also allows the user to track inventory from its place of origin to its final shipping location in order to ensure perfection. ProCureIt even allows customers to calculate depreciation, track transfers, schedule repairs and other maintenance work, and create audit receipts for company taxes.

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