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     Free-To-Air, or FTA, channels are satellite television channels that are not encrypted and are, therefore, available to anyone who is able to receive them. FTA channels are not provided by premium satellite companies, but rather open source satellite providers, such as Galaxy, AMC, and Telstar. FTA channels require subscribers to have a 30-inch satellite dish or larger, but do not require the user to pay any monthly fees or access charges. FTA channels are available from a variety of different satellites around the world, but may change in terms of availability over time.




    How Free To Air Channels Work


    Although all satellite programming is broadcast through the air via radio waves, most broadcasting companies encrypt or scramble their signals to prevent unauthorized users from receiving their programming without paying for it. In contrast, some broadcasting companies provide the general public with news, sports, weather, music, and even entertainment programming for free. These types of broadcasts are known as “free-to-air channels” because they are not encrypted or scrambled, are completely free, and can be used by anyone who has the proper equipment to receive them. Although FTA channels are generally not of the same level of quality as premium channels purchased from a satellite broadcast company, such as DirecTV, or a cable company, such as Cox Cable, they are free.




    FTA channels can be used by anyone who has a satellite dish that is 30” in diameter or larger and the proper software. FTA equipment can often be purchased through third-party companies who specialize in providing satellite equipment to users without providing any services. While most FTA channels are ethnic-based and may be targeted towards subscribers in the Middle East, Asia, Central America, or other parts of the world, some FTA channels may be found enjoyable and up to par with premium service.



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    • abde rrafie

      merci :-)

    • Saeesh

      I have an external TV tuner box for my PC which do not require any drivers or softwares for functioning
      can I use it to receive free to air channels
      IF so then plz tell me how to?

      • memenode

        If it supports DVB-T then yes.

    • naseeb

      i have free to air decorder and live in bitswana southern africa.
      i want to watch free to air channels from mauritius.
      i have tried using eutelsat w3a7* but no reception.i only get madagascar tv.
      please help.
      thank you

      • memenode

        You can get info about this on Lyngsat and SatBeams.

      • Gunp

        Can u give me frequance for madagasca and Gabontv please

    • mosesmazoni

      I need frequencies on free to air  tv channels

    • ahonsi john

      Please I have a strong mpeg4 decorder,and I paid some who install multi tv for me,but I need more station.please kindly help me with this

    • Mark Twaine

      Just purchased a c/ku band lnb to mount on an offset 500 dish, i’ve read that the C band lnb have to be centerred on the dish to get signal is this the same for the combined c/ku lnb and how far from the center of the dish should it be mounted as I’ll have to make some modifications do the dish?

    • kaushik

      Dear sir,
      pls suggest this is a free to air channel or not.if any idea about this frequency pls inform

      Satellite-Insat 2E 83, degree east D/L frequency-3511.5 MHZ (V), symbol rate-6.923 MSPS, FEC-7/8, MOD-QPSK 

    • Jim Driscoll

      finding NASA channels on AMC18 105 West
      I an located in buffalo NY. I am having trouble locking in AMC 18. Has any one had a problem with this.
      Settings are 105 west Elevation 33.9 to 3/ 3760 V. 215.7 true. 226.5 mag.

    • Shailendra Bajagai

      How to receive FTA Channels from 83.5 degree East?

      I am watching FTA Channels by using DD Direct+ DVB from 93.5 degree east. I want to receive FTA channels from 83 degree East by using the same dish antenna set (DVB). If it is possible, please provide me details.

      Thank you.
      Shailendra Bajagai.

    • Shailendra Bajagai

      I am watching FTA Channels by using DD Direct+ DVB from 93.5 degree east. I want to receive FTA channels from 83 degree East by using the same dish antenna set (DVB). If it is possible, please provide me details.

      Thank you.
      Shailendra Bajagai.

    • Shailendra Bajagai

      How to search Free To Air channels from 83 degree east?

    • nkhoma

      free to air frequencies

      • Ajay Khule

        You can visit Wikipedia to check out for “Free to Air Channels” frequencies.

    • prakash

      I am having 12 ft dish in my home with digital eurostar receiver I need chaneel guide of FTA of Tamil channels . It may great ful to you if done it for me.

      with regards

    • alex

      how to decode TV3 on multitv channel

    • Norman Saldania

      I need to input key for coolsat 5000 platinum, manually. Please help.

    • iptvbox

      Now our factory main selling these box to africa country, all these box can open these encryption satellite channel and other FTA channel (90cm dish is best)

      TV3 Ghana(football,movie…),Joy tv… from Astra 2F 28.2E/Eutelsat 28A (MultiTV company)

      Bein Sport 1&2 HD(football),M6 HD,BFM TV HD,W9 HD,Equida&Hustler HD(adult) and other FTA from Eutelsat 7A/7B at 7.0°E(old satellite W3A 7E)

      Champion TV HD(football&Movie),Redlight TV(adult) and other FTA from Astra 2F 28.2E/Eutelsat 28A and Yamal 402 at 54.9°E

      IRIB Varzesh TV (Global football) from Badr 4/5/6 at 26.0°E (1.8M-2.4M dish)

      1, Strong SRT 4965HD RF , Sample fee : USD40/pcs, has 1000pcs(USD22/pcs) order can retune sample fee soon, 5000pcs–USD20/pcs.

      HD DVB-S2+FTA+VOD+3G/WIFI+CCCAM/NEWCAMD+USB 2.0/PVR+Twin Procotol+Biss+RF out+Google map+Weather

      2, Strong SRT 4998HD COMBO RF , Sample fee : USD50/pcs, has 1000pcs(USD25/pcs) order can retune sample fee soon, 5000pcs–USD23/pcs.

      HD DVB-S2/T2+FTA+USB 2.0/PVR+Twin Procotol+Biss+RF out

      3, SRT GS6HD IPTV BOX with premium IPTV account for one year

      Sample fee : USD80/pcs, has 1000pcs(USD62/pcs) order can retune sample fee soon, 5000pcs–USD58/pcs.

      HD DVB-S2+FTA+VOD+IPTV+3G/WIFI/Enternet+CCCAM/NEWCAMD+USB 2.0/PVR+Twin Procotol+Biss+Youtude+Google map+Weather+GPRS(Optional)+RF out(Optional)

      4, SRT GS5HD Mini IPTV BOX with premium IPTV account for one year

      Sample fee : USD78/pcs, has 1000pcs(USD60/pcs) order can retune sample fee soon, 5000pcs–USD56/pcs.

      HD DVB-S2+FTA+VOD+IPTV+3G/WIFI/Enternet+CCCAM/NEWCAMD+USB 2.0/PVR+Twin Procotol+Biss+Youtude+Google map+Weather

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