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    FRS (Family Radio Service) is an unlicensed service.

    FRS (Family Radio Service) consists of 14 UHF channels on FM. FRS Channel 1 is unofficially used as a common call channel.

    FRS (Family Radio Service) shares channels 1 through 7 with GMRS, and many FRS radios are also GMRS radios.

    The maximum allowable power for a FRS (Family Radio Service) radio is .5 watts. GMRS radios are allowed to transmit on the channels they share with FRS at 5 watts, ten times the power of FRS radios.

    Unlike GMRS, repeaters are not allowed on FRS (Family Radio Service).

    FRS Frequencies

    The frequencies utilized by FRS (Family Radio Service) are:

    Channel Frequency
    1 462.5625
    2 462.5875
    3 462.6125
    4 462.6375
    5 462.6625
    6 462.6875
    7 462.7125
    8 467.5625
    9 467.5875
    10 467.6125
    11 467.6375
    12 467.6625
    13 467.6875
    14 467.7125

    FRS Usage

    FRS (Family Radio Service) is mainly utilized for very short-range two-way radio service for recreational activities.

    FRS is a good choice for casual radio users who are not ready to step up and get an FCC license for GMRS.

    Additional Reading on FRS

    For more information on FRS, visit the FCC's web page for Family Radio Service.

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