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    A radar jammer is a piece of equipment used to scramble nearby radar signals. Radar jammers are often used by drivers to jam the signals coming out from police speed detectors. The radar jammer is very similar to the Power Drainer and is the size of a small box.

    Radar Jamming as a Crime

    There are active radar jammers available that work on the principle of interfering with the Doppler shift that is created in the radar beam from the radar gun. However, the law states that the interfering of police radar is a crime and drivers using radar jammers can be fined or even imprisoned. The use of radar scramblers is also a crime.

    Past Jammers

    The radar jammers of the past were quite heavy and bulky. They were very cumbersome to operate and used to run continuously in case there was a radar detector in the immediate vicinity. As a result, when vehicles in front applied their brakes sharply to cut down on speed, a lot of problems were created for people with these jammers.

    Negative Points

    The negative side of analogue radar jammers was that they tended to lose their calibration after a certain period of time, reducing their jamming effectiveness.

    Advanced Speeding Guns Used by Police

    The police department has got smarter and today uses more advanced speeding guns that are able to inform the police officer if the jammer is trying to interfere with the speed radar. The new speeding guns do this by monitoring the return radar frequency emanating from the jammer. In some cases the radar jammer may indicate a very high speed on the speed gun and it will be hard for the driver to explain to the police officer how 100 mph was read on the jammer when this was clearly not the driver’s actual speed.

    The police radars have now become digital making the speed results extremely accurate. They are less prone to error than before, and are also very difficult to jam with a radar jammer. The most popular form of speeding guns sold today are digital (DSP) KA.

    Most Radar Jammers are Ineffective

    The potential of radar jammers today is limited as most of the products advertised on websites and in magazines will not be effective against the latest-technology speed guns. Today 90% of jammers advertised in newspapers, websites and magazines are passive devices. There are only 10% of the jammers that are active devices. Active devices are capable of sending their own signal to the speed gun thereby blocking the logging of the speeding vehicle.

    Types of Active Jammers

    There are two types of active jammers. They are the active radar jammer and the active laser jammer. The three radar brands under the active jammers are X band, KA band and K band.

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