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    Ham Radio Software, also known as Amateur Radio Software, refers to computer programs designed exclusively for ham radio equipment. Once thought to be a means of communication between radio enthusiasts, ham radio now coexists with software including data and contest loggers, log books, Morse code tutors, and antenna design aids. In the 21st century there are several software companies that have developed programs specifically for amateur radio enthusiasts.

    Logging Software: Freedom and Functionality

    Most ham radio software programs pay acute attention to the logging features of their software due to the fact that logging into the ham network is the most commonly used feature of all ham radio software. This feature allows hams to log their data using the software's customizable log forms. Most ham radio software programs allow users to log anything they want by creating their own user defined fields.

    Audio Recorder Software: Enhancing Hams Experience

    For those hams that need to record audio from their ham radio they can use any of a number of popular audio recording software available today. These ham radio software programs allow hams to automatically record any audio above a preset volume level to a sound file. One can also set a variable delay, so that low volume periods or pauses won't stop the recording. Another feature is that each recording can be stored in its own file, or they can all be stored in one ever-expanding file. These types of ham radio software applications are considered ideal for unattended recording from an operator's ham rig or scanner.

    Tutors: Learning Morse Code

    Morse code tutors are another useful ham radio program which allows amateur radio enthusiasts to learn the basic skills required for radio operation. These programs assist in learning the code with several modules. Morse code tutor programs can play any Morse code from any text files. This helps users to easily simulate real off-the-air QSOs, or even FCC exam tapes.

    DX Toolbox: Opens with a Click

    DX Toolbox is a ham radio software program allowing users the opportunity to search the Internet gathering necessary information regarding solar and geomagnetic conditions which can affect the proliferation of ham radio. Generally, these types of programs come with a world map which can be helpful in determining where affected locations exist.

    Antenna Design Aids: Make it so

    Antenna design aids are ham radio software programs allowing hams the ability to design various types of antennas such as Dipoles, Fat Dipoles, J-Poles, Verticals, Log Periodics, and Yagis. These types of programs are easy to use because end users simply pick the desired frequency from the displayed menu and the software automatically performs the necessary functions to build the antenna. Most of this type of ham radio software is packaged with the ability to perform additional calculations such as LC Filter Design, Coil Design, L Matching Networks, Transmission Line Loss, Impedance Calculations, Pi Matching Networks, and Wire Inductance Calculations.

    Most of the ham radio software programs available today are designed to provide more fluid consistency, security, user friendliness, and flexibility. If the ham radio software you are interested in provides a free demo version, there is no risk in trying the software first to ensure the program's user friendliness and feature design. This will go a long way in ensuring that you are able to make an informed decision as to the acceptability and usefulness of the desired software.

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