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  • What is a Loop Antenna?

    A loop antenna is one that is designed to receive radio signals more efficiently than other antennas. Loop antennas are considered more efficient than others because they are mobile, work with a wide range of frequencies, and use less electricity. A loop antenna’s performance is entirely dependent on its construction and placement, although other factors may also play a role. Loop antennas locate areas with ideal signal strength, and improve signal quality and communication.

    How Loop Antennas Work
    A loop antenna is made of a loop of copper or another conductive metal that has both ends connected to the same capacitor. As the user adjusts the loop antenna’s capacitance, the frequency is inversely adjusted. Therefore, if a user increases the loop’s capacitance, the frequency increases. On the other hand,  if a user decreases the loop’s capacitance, the frequency decreases. This is because the loop’s capacitor holds an electric current and releases it after a specified amount of time. This means that the longer the capacitor holds a charge, the more the antenna’s radio waves spread out and the lower the frequency will be. A lower frequency will not travel as far, but the signal will be stronger.

    Loop antennas determine the direction a frequency is coming from as well as how powerful a radio signal is in any given area. They also lower or eliminate interference from other electromagnetic waves by only receiving signals with a particular frequency. Loop antennas are found in many different types of radios and can travel with the radio itself.

    Loop antennas have several important advantages that others do not. For example, loop antennas broadcast and receive a wide range of radio frequencies. They are also portable and small enough to be integrated into many wireless devices without the user seeing it.  Loop antennas are also very affordable, ergonomic, and are the most common type of antenna used for domestic purposes.

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