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    • How Microsoft Office Activation Works

      How Microsoft Office Activation Works

      If you have just purchased Microsoft Office, you will be required to activate this product directly with Microsoft. Microsoft product activation is set up as an anti piracy feature. This feature is created in order to verify that your Microsoft Office suite is not a fake copy and is legitimately licensed to you as the

    • How to Unprotect an Excel Sheet

      How to Unprotect an Excel Sheet

      Unprotecting an Excel sheet is surprisingly easy. If your Excel sheet is password protected and you do not know the password, there is no way that you can unprotect the sheet in that particular workbook – but you can create a new workbook which will contain exactly the same formulas, formatting and values that will

    • What is Funcres.xla?

      What is Funcres.xla?

      Funcres.xla is a Microsoft Excel add-in that adds additional features to the software. Funcres.xla (Analysis Toolpak) includes 19 various features and a number of statistical functions that allow the user to correlate data and perform calculations that are not otherwise found in Microsoft Excel. However, Funcres.xla is included in most Microsoft Excel copies and the

    • Microsoft PowerPoint Password Recovery

      Microsoft PowerPoint Password Recovery

      Microsoft PowerPoint documents can utilize two passwords: Password to open Password to modify Password to open The Password to open requires a user to enter a password to view the document. When the user sets a Password to open, the entire Microsoft PowerPoint document is encrypted with the RC4 stream cipher. Password to modify The



      MSOCACHE (Local Install Source) is a setup feature that Microsoft deploys with Microsoft Office 2003. It is a hidden folder that is installed on the target computer’s local hard drive. It can occupy up to 290 Megabytes (MB) of space depending on the Microsoft Office programs that are installed on the computer. This feature eliminates

    • How to Change an Outlook Password

      How to Change an Outlook Password

      The Microsoft Outlook email application is one of the longest supported email clients on the market. In production for more than 15 years, Microsoft engineers continue to add capabilities to the software suite to include a number of information management capabilities such as tracking tasks, Outlook Calendar, and public share folders. End-users are able to

    • How to Send a Fax via Outlook Express

      How to Send a Fax via Outlook Express

      You can send a fax through Microsoft Outlook with a few simple, easy steps. Unfortunately, if you have Microsoft Outlook Express, you need special software to be able to send a fax. There are several software programs available online. Here are some of the top programs you can use. Mighty Fax Mighty Fax is one

    • How to Use the Outlook Autodialer

      How to Use the Outlook Autodialer

      If you find that multitasking is a way of life, autodialers can help keep everything under control. In the Microsoft Outlook environment, autodialers become another set of mouse clicks you make as you work through multiple projects simultaneously. In many respects, the question is not how to use an autodialer, but how it can be

    • How Do I Open XLS Attachments?

      How Do I Open XLS Attachments?

      An XLS attachment is an attachment for the Microsoft Office Excel program. This program allows for easy to make spread sheets. When you save the file, it is saved as a .xls. You can easily email an individual with a XLS attached and opening them is easy. The problem comes when you don’t have Excel

    • How to Make a Schedule in Excel

      How to Make a Schedule in Excel

      Microsoft Excel is commonly used to make a chart or spreadsheet, calculate formulas, generate time sheets or calendars, and make agendas. Many people do not realize that Excel is also great for keeping organized. One can use Excel to make a work schedule for employees or a personal schedule to keep one’s self on track.

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