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    TV channel frequencies are radio spectrum frequencies that are assigned to specific television channels. Because the radio spectrum is so large, most television channels are able to associate themselves with a range of radio frequencies, usually on the MHz scale, at which television receivers can tune into their specific broadcasts. TV channel frequencies are crucial with respect to how televisions communicate with broadcasting systems.


    How TV Channel Frequencies Work

    When a television subscriber changes the channel on his/her television set, he/she is actually tuning the television to a specific range of frequencies that that channel’s broadcasting system broadcasts, much like how a radio is tuned to receive radio signals from a variety of radio broadcasting stations. While the radio spectrum itself is divided by country or region, it is divided further by individual radio, television, cell phone providers, as well as specific entities such as police departments, government agencies, and emergency personnel.



    TV channel frequencies are used to dedicate specific bands of radio frequencies to television providers around the world. By assigning an individual channel number to each band of frequencies, users are able to choose what they watch by memorizing the channel numbers for each station. However, while the channel numbers may change for each station based on the region the user is in, the actual stations that are being broadcasted always use the same frequency bands to identify themselves.



    TV channel frequencies are advantageous because they allow television stations to identify themselves to television receivers. By doing this, television receivers are able to tune to an individual broadcasting station whenever it is changed to the appropriate channel. While channel numbers are used to make the process less confusing for the viewer, the actual radio frequencies are responsible for choosing the station that the viewer is watching.

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