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  • How Does Apple TV Work?

    Apple TV is a device that is designed to stream video and other content from iTunes and directly through the iTunes store. An Apple iTunes account is required and the account must have sharing enabled. Local sources can also be used to stream to the Apple TV hardware via a computer running the Apple iTunes software.

    Once the Apple TV has been connected to iTunes locally or through the Internet, users can choose which media to stream to the TV. The Apple TV will receive and display or produce the digital media content. Internet streaming requires a broadband connection as the content is designed for broadband access. Lower bandwidths will not be able to display the content fast enough, meaning that there will be lapses in downloading or other forms of lag.

    Apple TV is limited in terms of the types of media it can stream. iTunes users may be able to convert sound files such as music or recordings into the appropriate format using iTunes. Videos that are added to the library may also need to be converted prior to being accessible on the Apple TV device. Any format errors will simply cause the Apple TV to report to iTunes that the medium was not playable.

    The Apple Remote that is included with Apple TV is designed to control volume on the Apple TV. The real control over streaming is done via the iTunes account connected to the device. Users who also have iOS devices can download an additional app that allows connectivity to the Apple TV and iTunes interface for more immediate playback capabilities.

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