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    • How to Unlock an iPod Touch

      How to Unlock an iPod Touch

      Have you locked your iPod Touch with a passcode and forgotten what that passcode is? Are you considering throwing it away due to the fact that it is no longer operational? Well, you’re in luck. Throw away that idea because you can actually restore your iPod Touch back to factory settings, in turn removing the

    • How to Reset a Droid X

      How to Reset a Droid X

      A Droid X is a Motorola smartphone that Verizon Wireless distributes throughout the Unites States, Mexico, and other overseas locations. The Droid X runs the Android operating system and has been distributed since July 2010. On May 19th, 2011, Motorola released the Droid X2, an upgraded version of the Droid X that uses the NVidia

    • How Much does the iPad Weigh?

      How Much does the iPad Weigh?

      An iPad is a tablet PC that Apple produced. It combines the functionality of a smartphone, laptop, e-reader, and music player. iPads are larger than smartphones, but smaller than laptops and are extremely lightweight and portable. iPads are based on touch screen technology and include support for Bluetooth, WiFi, and 3G. iPads also include motion

    • 7 Tips For Creating Professional Photos With Your iPhone

      7 Tips For Creating Professional Photos With Your iPhone

      The iPhone has made this possibility a definite reality for those who own any of the most recent iterations of the Apple device. And because it’s fast becoming the most used device among the most popular photo hosting apps and sites, like Flickr and Instagram, it’s only natural the number of amateur photographers has seen an increase.

    • How to Change the Language on an iPod

      How to Change the Language on an iPod

      An iPod can display its settings in various languages and can be programmed to any language of choice. If you make a mistake and need to reset the language settings, just follow these simple instructions. They note the english name of the options to select, but also describe how to locate them even when you

    • How to Backup iPhone SMS

      How to Backup iPhone SMS

      The iPhone has continued to expand its user-base by offering them the ability to talk, email, chat, text, and surf the Internet on a single device. Unfortunately, many iPhone users lose or break their phones, which results in a loss of valuable data. Thankfully, users have the option of backing up all of their phone

    • 17 Ways to Improve Your Android’s Performance

      17 Ways to Improve Your Android’s Performance

      Between 2009 and 2015, the popularity of the Android Operating System (OS) for use on mobile devices has grown from just over a 2.8% market share to being the most installed OS in the world. Although the popular alternative to iOS is more lightweight and faster than a desktop OS; over time, users of Android

    • How to Replace a Kindle Battery

      How to Replace a Kindle Battery

      Though most Kindle batteries last for several years, it is still possible that a Kindle may still need a battery change. Check the battery life meter on the Kindle before ordering a new battery and be sure not to mistake the signal strength meter for the battery life meter. Many users find the meters easily

    • How to Use a Zune

      How to Use a Zune

      A Zune is a portable media player that is essentially the Microsoft version of the Apple iPod. Like the Apple iPod, Zunes are available in many different models that have varying specifications. However, all Zunes include a screen, a clickwheel, a power button, a pause/play button, and an earphones port. Some models also include an

    • iPod Dock Connector

      iPod Dock Connector

      The iPod dock connector is the plug used to connect an iPod to its dock, just as the name implies. It was originally developed by JAE according to the iPod’s specifications. The first version of the iPod dock connector was made available with the third generation (3G) iPod. With the iPod dock connector, a large

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