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  • 15 Ways to Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life

    Although mobile phones have become almost ubiquitous in modern culture, device manufacturers have yet to solve the problem of significantly improving the battery life of mobile phones significantly. As a result, consumers must seek out methods to manage the overall application and program usage on their cell phones in order to improve the overall life of the battery. By taking advantage of proven management techniques and device setting tweaks, there are a number of ways to vastly improve your phone’s battery life that do not include turning the phone off.
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    1. Dim Screen Brightness

    One of the easiest ways to improve your phone’s battery life is to dim the overall screen brightness. Although most device owners love having a bright screen for most of the day, the brightness level directly corresponds to battery use. Most new phones sold today have an automatic adjustment feature that will automatically toggle the screen display to suit the ambient light levels; however, consumers can obtain additional performance from their phone’s battery by manually setting the brightness to just about the level that is usable on the phone. By taking to the extreme, big savings for battery life will be realized compared to previous testing. The amount of savings of the battery life will get larger with the age of the mobile phone.

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