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  • 15 Ways to Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life

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    5. Reduce Total Number of Apps Running in Background

    When apps are left running in the background, it does not matter what brand of mobile device that is being used, the battery life will be impacted. One way that you can reduce the overall impact on your mobile’s battery is to minimize the total number of apps allowed to run in the background. Each app running will use some processing memory to sustain. On the Android OS open the multi-tasking button and then swipe away the apps running in the background to close them. On an iPhone, double tap the home button to surface the multitasking screen. Then, swipe upwards to close the undesired apps running in the background of the phone to see a similar performance gain on the phone. In some cases, you will discover apps that you will want to put under consideration for removal from the phone if they are infrequent programs that you use.

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