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  • How Do I Locate My Lost Cell Phone?

    Many of us have lost our cell phones from time to time but some may have a harder time than others in retrieving their phone. What is worse is when you lose your cell phone in the middle of a texting session or when you have an important phone call to make and the person’s contact information is in your cell phone. Whatever the reason, this article will provide you with detailed methods of finding your lost cell phone as quickly as possible so that you can continue with your daily life.

    Normal Procedures

    This article is divided into two main categories: Normal Procedures and Special Services. Normal Procedures are the little things that everyone does in order to find their cell phone. Generally, if you have gotten to the point of looking for other methods to find a lost cell phone, however, you have probably already done everything you can think of. Regardless, we will go over the normal procedures below in case you have missed something.Locate My Lost Cell Phone

    Where Do You Use It

    Think about where you use your cell phone the most and check those places first. Look wherever you have been lately and double check in detail. For example, if you have recently been sitting on the couch, check under the cushions and feel up under any nooks or crevices that your phone may have slipped into. Lift up the couch or pull it away from the wall and check the floor around it. Sometimes when we are looking for things, the item can be right out in the open and we don’t even notice them so be sure to scan each room with your eyes very slowly in order to notice things you may otherwise overlook.

    Call It

    If looking around didn’t help then the next step is to call your cell phone. Use your landline home phone if you have one or get a friend to come over and use that. Most people don’t live alone and there are usually several cell phones in each household so locating another phone shouldn’t be that hard. For future reference, never leave your cell phone on silent or vibrate when it is sitting around the house because this makes calling it effectively useless.

    Special Services

    As promised, below are some special services that make finding your lost cell phone easier than ever before. These programs and devices have been specifically designed for finding lost cell phones and allow you to do so within minutes.

    Google’s Android Device Manager

    Go to Google’s Android Device Manager and login with the Google account connected to your Android device. If the lost cell phone is powered on, you will be able to see its location on a map. You can also cause the phone to ring at full volume, which can help if you lost your phone while the volume was muted. You can also wipe your personal data from the phone remotely.

    Google’s Click To Call

    One such service is Google’s Click To Call feature. While not designed for locating lost cell phones, it works just the same. With Google’s Click To Call program, you can now use Google Maps to call businesses free of charge by simply providing Google with your own phone number for security purposes. You can also, however, use the program to locate your lost cell phone by simply typing in your number where the business number should go. This is excellent if you have a Internet connection but no landline but will only work if your cell phone is turned on.


    WheresMyCellPhone.com offers the exact same function as Google’s Click To Call except that this program is specifically designed for locating lost cell phones. Just go to their homepage, type in your number, and click the “Make It Ring!” button to call your cell phone so you can listen for it and hopefully track it down. The website also offers a feature to block your number by adding it to the Do Not Call list in case you are weary of prank callers using the service to irritate you.


    FOFA, also known as Find One Find All, is different from the rest of these methods. FOFA technology allows for you to put specially designed cards on all of your most commonly lost objects such as your wallet, cell phone, car keys, and other valuables, in order to find them all. FOFA works by having both a built-in transmitter and receiver that can communicate with a total of six devices. Each one of these devices is both the base and the receiver, unlike many other key chain-type locators, meaning that if you find one of these six objects then you can find them all simply by pressing the corresponding number key. You can easily attach FOFA technology to your cell phone so that when it does become lost, you can find it again regardless of whether it is dead or on silent.

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    1. Louisa

      7 June, 2014 at 2:06 am

      you’re incorrect – over 51% of Americans life alone. So your comment about “Most people don’t live alone” is WRONG!

    2. tayy420

      20 April, 2014 at 6:23 am

      are there or do any programs exist that can simply be used for locating a cell phone by number? like a legit website since I don’t own a smart phone? its dead and everything I tried isn’t accessible because my phone is old. I know its in my house but I cant willing tear this place ceiling to floor just to find my stupid phone. I don’t have the patience and its my only form of communication. there has to be something

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