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    Mobile software refers to software that can be stored and executed on a mobile device such as a cell phone, PDA, smart phone, or similar device. Mobile software can range in its capabilities as some simply change the virtual appearance of the device while others provide important features such as menu layouts and password protection. ScreenLocker, for instance, can lock unauthorized users out of a mobile device while Opera Mini is a mobile browser. This article will go over a number of mobile programs that can greatly enhance the user’s mobile device.

    GSearch is a google search application for iPhones that allows users to search Google directly from their phone without going through the hassle of standard mobile Internet. GSearch features a wide-screen, landscape, on-screen keyboard that can be accessed using the iPhone’s touchscreen capabilities. GSearch uses a Safari browser as its default and loads Google just as easily as it would on a PC.

    Opera Mini
    Opera Mini is a portable browser made specifically for mobile phones. Opera Mini is faster and smaller than virtually all other mobile browsers and can even save the user money on data usage by compressing incoming and outgoing data by up to 90%. Opera Mini can be used on both touchscreen and keypad devices and has a feature that can allow users to instantly view their favorite webpages by using Speed Dial. Opera Mini displays full webpages in the same way as they would appear on the user’s desktop or laptop computer.

    Snaptu is a portable application collection that can work on any mobile phone. Snaptu features many different applications that include Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, ESPN, weather, a catalog feature, two news applications, a web browser, and much more. Snaptu is designed with the intentions of completely changing the way a mobile phone behaves so that it can achieve its full potential as a mobile device.

    argIM Babelfish
    argIM Babelfish is a free, mobile application that is capable of translating words and phrases directly from the user’s mobile phone. ArgIM Babelfish is easy to use and includes all major languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Italian. The software is fast and uses very little data usage.

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