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    The Mobile Telephone Switching Office, or MTSO, is a system that automatically keeps track of a cell phone user’s relative signal by monitoring readings from cell phone towers near the user. MTSO systems also automatically switch a cell phone’s service from one cell phone tower to another depending on which tower will provide the user with the best possible reception. Additionally, the MTSO is responsible for connecting all individual cell phone users in an area to a “central office”, which then connects those users to long-distance areas.


    How MTSO Works

    MTSO systems monitor each cell phone user’s relative position by broadcasting signals from all cell phone towers near the user which are received by the user’s cell phone and broadcasted back to each tower. By monitoring data quality as well as the time it took for the signal to return to each tower, the MTSO is able to assess the user’s relative reception. Once the MTSO has determined the relative reception of the user’s cell phone and which tower is closest to the user, it can then automatically adjust the user’s cell phone to a specific tower in order to maximize reception.



    MTSO systems are advantageous because they allow cell phone users to experience the maximum amount of cell phone reception available without manually switching to each tower. MTSO systems are also advantageous because they are nearly instantaneous, monitor the user’s cell phone reception at all times, and work without the user ever even knowing about it.


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