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  • IS-54 and IS-136: TDMA

    IS-54 and IS-136 are standards for TDMA American Digital Cellular.

    Mobile Frequency Range Rx: 869-894; Tx: 824-849
    Multiple Access Method TDMA/FDM
    Duplex Method FDD
    Number of Channels 832 (3 users per channel)
    Channel Spacing 30Khz
    Modulation DQPSK
    Channel Bit Rate 48.6Kb

    IS-54 and IS-136: TDMA Security

    IS-54 and IS-136 use the CAVE (Cellular Authentication, Voice Privacy and Encryption) algorithm for authentication and the CMEA (Cellular Message Encryption Algorithm) for encryption.

    CAVE and CMEA are documented in Common Cryptographic Algorithms and Interface Specification for Common Cryptographic Algorithms.

    David Wagner, Bruce Schneier and John Kelsey published Cryptanalysis of the Cellular Message Encryption Algorithm, which documents deep flaws in the CMEA algorithm.

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