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    An IDEN, or Integrated Dispatch Enhanced Network, is a radio service provided by some mobile telephones that allows subscribers to talk to nearby subscribers who have similar phones without dialing their individual numbers. IDENs are often provided as a free service on modern mobile phones, such as Nextel, or as a premium service that can be activated, such as on SouthernLINC phones. IDENs are technically able to support communications up to 6 miles in all directions, but have a practical limit of 1-2 miles due to interference from buildings and vegetation.


    How An IDEN Works

    IDEN services, also known as “push-to-talk” or a similar name, work by using a radio transmitter that’s built into the mobile phone. A user may be able to see a list of all mobile phones in the area that have IDEN activated, in which case he/she can simply select the person from the list, push the IDEN button, and begin speaking. If the user is unable to see a list of other IDEN-enabled phones, he/she will need to browse the different frequencies that are available through IDEN and attempt to make contact with his/her friends. IDEN has 30 frequencies and allows 6 people to interact on each frequency.



    IDEN can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, many modern phones allow users to connect to IDEN to simply talk without dialing a friend’s number. In this view, IDEN uses virtually the same technology as walkie talkies. IDEN can also be used by emergency personnel, professional drivers, and in-store retail employees.

    Mobile Frequency Range Tx: 806-821MHz; Rx: 851-866Mhz
    Multiple Access Method TDMA
    Duplex Method
    Number of Channels 30 (6 users per channel)
    Channel Spacing 25Khz
    Modulation M16-QAM
    Channel Bit Rate

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