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  • What is Tethering?

    Tethering means using a mobile phone (or any other Internet-capable device) as a modem for a laptop or other Internet capable units. A phone that can access the Internet is connected to the other device with a USB cable or Bluetooth connection. If a mobile plan allows the phone to be tethered, you can save money, because you don’t have to pay for multiple Internet data plans.

    What Are the Benefits of Tethering?

    Internet tethering connects a 3G or 4G enabled phone with a laptop or other devices (that don’t have to be 3G or 4G capable) in order to get the Internet connection. Tethering is used when there is no any WiFi hot spot nearby. It can also be used as an emergency connection. Surfing the web through a tethered connection is considered more secure than using a free or open hotspot as the data is sent directly over the phone connection, instead of using a non-secured WiFi connection. When a tethered connection is used, the WiFi antenna on the computer can be turned off in order to save the machine’s battery power. If you have a mobile data plan that does not charge extra money to tether the data connection, you can save some money.what is tethering

    What Are the Most Common Problems with Tethering?

    If a cell phone is used to tether a laptop, the phone’s battery drains very fast. If Bluetooth is used for the connection, the battery usage rate will be even greater. Most computer users who tether their mobile phones to their laptops simultaneously charge the phone through the USB cable connection. The connection speed may also be lower on the laptop than on the phone due to the added distance that the data must travel between the phone and laptop. Sometimes, the speed can be significantly lower than what you are accustomed to, especially if you are not in an area with a strong 3G or 4G connection. Some phone brands disable voicemail while the phone is being tethered. Finally, not all mobile carriers in the United States allow phones to be tethered. Most of them increase the plan rate when the service is used, so check the phone bill’s specifications before tethering the mobile.

    How to Tether an iPhone

    Step 1 – Select the iPhone’s “Home” button then select “Settings.”

    Step 2 – Choose the “General” tab on the phone and then tap the “Network” phone tab.

    Step 3 – Select the “Internet and Tethering” tab, and then toggle the switch to the “On” position.

    Step 4 – Connect the iPhone to the computer by plugging the USB cable into both devices.

    Step 5 – Select “Continue” on the “Network Preferences” window, then select the “iPhone” option and “Ok” to complete tethering the iPhone to your laptop.

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