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  • Earn Money for Your Favorite Charities by Switching from Google to Goodsearch

    If you search using GoodSearch, the company will donate 50% of the revenue they earn from your searches to the charity of your choice. You can choose from over one hundred thousand charitable organizations, including the National Constitution Center, the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, and FreedomWorks. Each time you perform a web search using GoodSearch, you earn something around a penny for the charity of your choice. Think about how many web searches you perform every day, every week, and every year.  If you are searching with Google, all of the profits from your searches are going to Google. Switching to GoodSearch gives you control over where some of the revenue you generate goes.

    goodsearchUsing GoodSearch does not force you to compromise on the quality of your search results either. GoodSearch is powered by Yahoo, which means that you get the same search results as if you searched using Yahoo or Bing. From my testing, Yahoo/Bing is now providing search results which are far superior to Google’s for most searches. Over the last few years Google has slowly been devaluing relevance in the search results in favor of brand authority. Instead of showing you the results which most closely match what you are looking for, Google shows you results which represent what their preferred brand authorities want you to see. If you keep track, you will notice that Google has defined a few large brand sites in each niche which it returns for most searches. Yahoo and Bing have chosen not to bias their search results in this manner, so if you search with GoodSearch you get clean and unbiased search results.

    GoodSearch provides a browser plugin so that you can search using GoodSearch without changing your existing habits.  With the plugin, you can search from your browser like most of us do now, but earn money for your favorite charity by having your searches processed by GoodSearch.

    Switch to GoodSearch — there’s no reason not to.

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