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  • 5 Technologies That Will Make Your Bad Habits Less Unhealthy

    For one reason or another a lot of us have a vice or two, a habit that’s easy to acquire, difficult to get rid of, but kind of bad for us. This involves things like smoking, drinking, disorderly eating, lack of exercise, and similar.

    While this is sure to be a controversial suggestion there are technologies that can actually help you keep these vices while removing most or all of their unhealthy effects. You sort of get to have your cake and eat it too. Some might help you get rid of the bad habit altogether though.


    1. E-Cigarettes

    Targeted habit: smoking.

    If you’re a smoker the thing that’s making it so difficult to stop is probably the nicotine addiction combined with a strong ritual habit. But as it turns out the real problem is neither of these. It’s the way you do it.

    Nicotine has been proven to be quite harmless to your body, not any more harmful than coffee. It’s both a stimulant and anti-depressant, and that’s what makes it so attractive. Nicotine itself does not cause cancer nor any of the other health complications. As one scientist put it “it’s a good drug with a bad method of consumption”.

    The traditional way of getting nicotine is by burning tobacco into ash and inhaling the resulting smoke through a filter. This means you still get a lot of unhealthy stuff in along with the nicotine.

    E-Cigarettes do away with the smoke, ashes, and any of the extraneous toxins altogether by turning pure nicotine into vapor. It’s no more unhealthy than the vapor of hot water in your bathroom during a shower. This is why “smoking” e-cigarettes isn’t really smoking as it doesn’t produce smoke, and vapor quickly dissipates in the air making it friendly to in-door environments. The term many use is “vaping”.

    E-cigarettes come in kits that have everything you’d need. You buy this once and afterwards only buy nicotine fills, which in the end turns out to be healthier for your wallet as well. Some have even used e-cigarettes as a way towards quitting their nicotine addiction altogether as they could more easily regulate it.
    Photo by Lindsay Fox

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