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  • Top 5 Web Sites That Will Melt Your Stress Away

    Stress is a normal part of life, and we all experience it. We feel it when we’re under load, whether it is from work or relationships or various other life situations. We’re kind of like computers in that regard. Run too many programs at the same time and the computer will start to struggle, because it is under high load. So what do we do to make it run smoother? We offload a bit, or we even reboot.

    That’s what we need from time to time, to reboot, recenter, to catch a break! There is a number of web sites on the internet, which admittely is itself sometimes a source of stress, that can help you relax almost instantly. We’ve picked out the top 5 we believe you’ll find the most rewarding and refreshing.


    1. Calm.com

    Calm.com is absolutely beautiful. As soon as you visit you hear relaxing music and see beautiful calming visuals. If you move your mouse you’ll see a menu on the right. It allows you to initiate a “guided calm” or set a timer. If you’ve ever thought about trying meditation but somehow never got around to it I promise you this is the easiest way to get started! Select the amount of time you’ve got and just listen to a gentle woman’s voice guiding you through it.

    The timer is there if you want to instead just sit there and relax for a bit. The timer will ensure you get at least that much time of relaxation before leaving and getting back to your life, hopefully refreshed.

    At the bottom you can switch between sceneries and music so you can set the atmosphere you like the most.

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