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  • 15 Sites That Show You The World in Real Time

    What if you could see the whole world as it is right this moment? It would certainly put things in perspective. Once you see the world through the lenses of these web sites you’ll realize just how vibrant and alive it is every single nanosecond. The statistics of it are amazing, and seeing them actually happen is even more amazing.

    The following 15 web sites allow you to experience the entire world as it happens, through multiple perspectives.


    1. One Second On The Internet

    What happens on the internet in just one measly second? A lot. A mind boggling lot. This site visualizes it for you, and to do so it needs the space that could probably fill a book. As seconds go by it keeps counting, and the numbers are really really big.

    It counts how many reddit votes are cast, instagram photos uploaded, tumblr posts posted, skype calls made, tweets tweeted, dropbox files uploaded, google searches made, youtube videos viewed, and Facebook likes. The latter few are huge walls of icons each representing the upload, search, view, and like. At the end it reminds you that 10 years ago none of these services existed except Google, and 30 years ago the internet didn’t exist.

    Lastly you can click to load the most humongous visualization of all.. emails sent this second.

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