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    8. Security Threats in Real Time

    Speaking of battles here’s one that will seemingly never end, the battle for security on the internet. Kaspersky has put together an impressive visualization of this cyber war in action, as it happens right now.

    It shows, in real time, detections of various infections on computers all over the world. Different colors represent different types of scans that are made, like on-access scans (which happen when you try to open a file), on-demand scans, detections by a web anti-virus, mail scans, intrusion detection scans, and vulnerability scans.

    Considering the amount of activity visible here it would appear that hundreds of people in the world get infected just about every second. But these are detections, and therefore they’re kind of a good news. They account for detections that are actually caught and possibly prevented from doing damage!

    In any case an impressive view of the world from the perspective of information security!

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