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  • 10 Incredible Statistics About The Internet

    The internet is an incredibly vibrant place always buzzing with incomprehensible amounts of activity. Its effect on humanity is probably proving to be greater than any previous technology because it connects us with everything and everyone in unprecedented ways.

    You’re probably well aware of just how much are you exposed to the internet, and how much do you depend on it, but what about the entire world? Here we look at 10 incredible statistics about the internet as a whole, giving you an idea of its size, prevalence, and how we’re using it.
    Internet Users

    1. The Internet has almost 3 billion users

    By the end of 2014 the internet will have 3 billion users. There are about 7 billion humans in total so that amounts to 40% of all humanity. Most of them, or 48% are from Asia, then 21.8% in Americas, 19% in Europe, 9.8% in Africa, and what little is left in Oceania.

    While this basically means most people still aren’t connected to the internet the number is growing more rapidly than the Earth’s population and we can probably expect the 50% mark to be broken within a decade or so.

    The number is still incredible considering that’s basically 3 in every 7 people living on Earth. If this was evenly distributed it would basically amount to ubiquity, but of course there are places where the density is pretty high and places where access is much more rare.

    Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra.

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