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  • 15 Sites That Show You The World in Real Time


    2. TweetPing Tweets in Real Time

    TweetPing is a futuristic map of the world displaying tweets from all over the world in real time. The text of the tweet is displayed with every tweet, but they happen so incredibly fast that you can barely keep track let alone read the tweets. It’s quite an impressive sight.

    The info pane at the bottom shows the number of tweets, words, and characters in them along with fast moving graphs indicating the number of characters for each tweet. It also shows last used hashtags and mentions. And it displays this in total and per each continent of the world.

    Since every tweet leaves a tiny light dot in the place where it was made after a while you begin to see which parts of the world make the most tweets. This can be interesting because there’s likely to be a great correlation between the number of twitter users in a certain part of the world and their overall connectedness and level of technological integration.

    In any case it’s quite amazing to see just how much chatter happens on twitter alone all the freaking time! Makes us wonder what would a map like this look like if it included all facebook activity, or even all posts from every site in the world! It would probably be mind bogglingly overwhelming!

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