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  • Top 5 Web Sites That Will Melt Your Stress Away


    2. myNoise.net

    Like a magic box that alters your perception of the moment myNoise.net generates an impressive range of ambient sounds. It’s got realistic sounds of nature, industrial noises, synthetic noises, voices, atmospheres, soundscapes, patternscapes, brainwave frequencies, and tonal drones. You can choose among a few dozen free noises, and then click on different presets to instantly adjust the character of the noise.

    Have you heard the cat purring noise? That’s some warm and fuzzy sound therapy! These noises are also great for meditation, mood setting, blocking out unwanted noises, improving concentration or creativity, and they can even have some positive health effects.

    It’s also great to combine them together by opening them in different tabs, or combining a noise with something visual like the live view of Earth from space with the Twilight noise, or the spaceship noise (or both?).

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