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  • 5 Technologies That Will Make Your Bad Habits Less Unhealthy


    4. Soylent

    Targeted habit: unbalanced diet.

    While we’re at unhealthy eating habits here’s one solution that could fix it all for you at practically no effort. You can imagine Soylent as the food shake that has everything your body needs in one neat drinkable package.

    If you’re not super meticulous about how you pick, prepare and eat your food in order to make sure you get just the right amounts of everything from proteins to vitamins then Soylent is better for you than your current eating habits hands down.

    People behind Soylent, which sought funding through kickstarter, know that there is an optimal amount of nutrients of different types that our body needs to thrive. The food we eat, depending on how well we eat, is giving us all these nutrients. So the idea is to put them all into one mix, in optimal amounts, that you can drink up and be done with. No food planning, shopping, preparation etc. Just drink that shake and you’re well fed, energetic, and overall feeling good. It’s great for those of us who find cooking a major chore, or are really struggling to really balance our diet.

    Of course, while this is a replacement for all food, it does not in any way preclude you from indulging in traditional food if you occasionally crave its tastes. It’s just that with Soylent the chances of you feeling the need for unhealthy variants of such delicious meals will probably diminish. So traditional eating becomes more of a luxury indulgence that you can enjoy than something you have to do to survive and stay healthy.

    Oh and while we’re at it, yes a food shake isn’t a particularly novel idea. Body builders in particular have been consuming something similar for a long time, but those are likely more specialized to the goals of body building whereas this is aimed at the general populace, to provide a sort of healthy nutritional baseline.

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