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  • 5 Technologies That Will Make Your Bad Habits Less Unhealthy


    5. Virtual Reality: Oculus Rift + Virtuix Omni

    Targeted habit: lack of exercise

    Take this one with a grain of salt. There’s hardly a subtitute for going outside to take a walk, climb, drive a bike, or do a major workout at the gym. However, if you still just can’t get yourself to do enough of that and are basically a hopeless couch potato there’s one maturing technology that will probably at least get you off the couch and walking, running, stretching etc. without really thinking of it as exercise to begin with.

    It’s actually a combination of Oculus Rift, probably the best virtual reality headset, and Virtuix Omni treadmil. One allows you to immerse yourself completely into a realistic virtual world while the other lets you be physically active inside of it by literally walking, running, and jumping in it. In other words the Oculus Rift plugs your mind into the virtual reality whereas the Omni plugs your body into it.

    The Omni is basically a 360 degrees treadmil that allows you to walk, run or jump while still basically remaining in place. It’s a pretty impressive technology. You are basically sliding across its surface without really feeling the friction so you can move naturally within the virtual world. It’s gotten rave reviews, and recently raised $3 million in funding.

    Oculus Rift is already quite well established, and if you’ve been following the world of gaming at all you probably know all about it. It’s simply the best and most immersive VR headset around.

    These are likely to be in stores relatively soon. So if nothing of the outside world is motivating enough there’s got to be a lot in the endless possibilities of virtual worlds to get you moving!

    Of course, in earlier years we could talk about Wii Fit games, but that targeted a specific crowd that liked those kinds of games and it didn’t provide anywhere near as much immersion as this combination does.

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