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    • Uninstall Java

      Uninstall Java

      Computer users sometimes need to uninstall Java, for various reasons. In case of upgrading Java, you needn’t remove the previous version of Java. Instead, you can simply run the executable of the newer Java version and the upgrade will automatically happen. However if you wish to uninstall Java, below are the methods for different platforms.

    • Overloading Binary Operators

      Overloading Binary Operators

      Binary operators can be overloaded in a similar manner as unary operators. We should note the following features of an operator function for a binary operator: It receives only one class type argument explicitly, in case of a member function. For a friend function, two class types are received as arguments. It returns a class

    • Java vs. C++

      Java vs. C++

      Java and C++ are both designed to be Object Oriented Programming langauges. Although C++ formed the base of making Java, they both portray many differences in working, performance, structure, design and execution. C++ was first developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 at Bell Labs. C++ was a revamp to C with added features of an

    • Postfix


      The sum of X and Y is written as X+Y where + is the operator while X and Y are the operands. We have always learnt to write the sum of two numbers as X + Y; this notation is know as infix. Here, we’ll be talking about the postfix notation of representing arithmetic operations.

    • Hex Editor

      Hex Editor

      A hex editor is a program edits compiled programs and binary data files. These editors are called hex editors because they most often present data in hexadecimal format. Hexadecimal is used because it is easier for most humans than working in binary. In addition, hexadecimal is frequently useful because computers tend to work with 8-bit

    • Standard Library Functions

      Standard Library Functions

      A library is a collection of programs and functions which can be used by other programs. Like all other high-level languages, C++ provides function libraries containing built-In functions. These standard functions are extremely useful to the programmers. The advantages of library functions are listed below: Reusability of code : The program development activity requires three

    • Sorting


      Sorting is the process of arranging elements in some logical order. Sorting methods are classified into the following categories: External sorting: This deals with sorting of data stored in external files. This method is used when the volume of data is very large and cannot be held in a computer’s RAM. Internal sorting: This deals

    • break and continue Statements

      break and continue Statements

      break Statement The break statement is used to alter the flow of control. When a break statement is executed in a while loop, for loop, do-while loop or switch statement, it causes immediate exit from that statement. Program execution continues with the next statement. Common uses of the break statement are to escape early from

    • What Are the Benefits of PHP?

      What Are the Benefits of PHP?

      The programming language called PHP is quickly rising to be one of the most preferred web browser programming languages due to its user-friendliness, efficiency, and user control. PHP allows a user to describe specific functions within the code in order to drastically control the way a web browser displays and organizes information. A user is

    • How to Find Security Vulnerabilities in Source Code

      How to Find Security Vulnerabilities in Source Code

      The original, and still the best, method for finding security vulnerabilities in source code is to read and understand the source code. Source code security vulnerabilities will vary between languages and platforms. Items to look for in C code include: Potential vulnerability Function calls to examine for vulnerabilities Buffer overflows gets(), scanf(), sprintf(), strcat(), strcpy()

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