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  • 5 Technologies That Are Changing The Future of Driving

    Google Self-Driving Lexus

    2. Self Driving Cars

    For years Google has been testing and perfecting their self-driving cars. They are really just ordinary cars modified with sensors and equipment to allow them to, well, drive themselves! And not into a ditch mind you, because as the results and even competitions thus far show these cars can drive themselves better and more safely than humans can!

    And that’s a hell of an argument in their favor. I mean, what else can you add? There’s of course just that uneasy feeling, that distrust that makes us wonder what if it goes crazy and all hell breaks loose, but the ongoing tests and hundreds of thousands of successfully traveled miles pile on to shut those fears out as nothing more but irrational.

    In fact, safety is precisely one of the main appeals of self-driving cars. Yes, we humans simply suck that much at driving. If the thing drives itself, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t had enough sleep, if you’re distracted on the phone, if you’re so stressed you can’t think let alone drive straight, or if you’ve had a bit too much to drink. The car doesn’t need sleep, it doesn’t get angry (well, not yet anyway), and it certainly doesn’t drink alcohol.

    In fact, a self driving car is smarter than you too, at least as far as its job goes, to drive you safely to your destination. It also has better vision than you, seeing in 360 degrees, at night and day, farther away than you can, and even seeing itself from space. Your eyes can’t quite beat that.

    With a huge company like Google driving them forward it’s unlikely that self-driving cars will remain in the experimental stage forever. Prepare to see them on the road soon.

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    1. Drew

      5 August, 2014 at 5:40 pm

      “In Tesla’s case they are known as superchargers and are completely solar powered” = FALSE
      None of the superchargers are solar powered … this is a complete myth. There are 2 in the US that have a few solar panels but these are not enough to power the cars. The superchargers are powered by the grid which gets is electricity from coal and natural gas 67% of the time.

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