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  • 5 Technologies That Are Changing The Future of Driving

    Solar Roadways electric road

    4. Electricity Generating Roads

    This future world is getting more and more bizzare. So you are driving your.. Correction. Your electric car is driving you down a road, and that road is producing electricity!

    At least that’s the dream pursued by some people, and it’s possible via one of multiple methods. What you’ve just read about advanced solar power technology such as painted solar cells, and flexible panels, may allow for these to be installed on the road itself, or more likely at the sides of the road.

    Then there is a somewhat more advanced method of making roads produce electricity. As the cars drive along them, and people walk across them we are all creating downward pressure. This is energy! And researchers have discovered ways to capture this energy as well, and convert it into electricity.

    If such ways of making roads and roadways produce electricity were to become feasible they could significantly contribute to the production of energy needed for electric cars driving on them. Until then, let’s hope for more of those solar superchargers!

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    One comment
    1. Drew

      5 August, 2014 at 5:40 pm

      “In Tesla‚Äôs case they are known as superchargers and are completely solar powered” = FALSE
      None of the superchargers are solar powered … this is a complete myth. There are 2 in the US that have a few solar panels but these are not enough to power the cars. The superchargers are powered by the grid which gets is electricity from coal and natural gas 67% of the time.

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