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  • 8 Weird Gadgets That Will Make You Look Smarter


    5. 3 Player Chess

    There is nothing like the game of chess to test one’s strategic skills. Chess has been around since before medieval times. It’s the oldest game of skill on the planet. So, can you imagine taking a regular chess board, shaping it like a hexagon and adding an extra player? People who play chess on a regular basis will have to rethink their entire strategy to accommodate the extra player. Each player has to prevent the other two from checkmating. It adds a whole new challenge to the traditional game of chess. It is not for the meek at heart.

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    1. Hopelin

      27 December, 2016 at 7:21 am

      Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse is easily one of the best tools I like! Happy to see it get a mention. I’ll have to check out your other recommendations.

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