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  • 8 Weird Gadgets That Will Make You Look Smarter


    8. Endless Edges Brownie Pan

    Anyone who eats brownies knows that the best pieces are the pieces around the edge of the pan. This pan is shaped so that each piece is on the edge. It is oblong with three divisions in the middle that create more edges. Because of the design, it is also easier to separate different types of brownies. For instance, one type might have walnuts, the other type without them. A non-stick surface makes the brownies easier to get out and makes for an easy clean-up.

    There are many other gadgets designed to make our lives easier. These are just a handful of unique ones. Some modern gadgets don’t necessarily enhance our intelligence in the eyes of our fellow man. For instance, if you are into the world of zombies, there is the Zombie Can Opener and Zombie Bowling Balls.

    But there are also delightful gadgets such as the Electronic Butterfly in A Jar. Attached to a wire inside the jar, the butterfly reacts to sound and taps on the jar.

    Lastly, there are also weird gadgets such as the Pyropet Candle. Imagine sitting down to a candlelight dinner. A unique candle in the shape of a cat is the highlight of the centerpiece at the table in which you are dining. The color of the candle is either pink or grey, but the weirdness starts when it burns down to reveal a metal skeleton of a cat.

    What will be next in the way of gadgets? Man is only held back by the limits of his imagination. As technology expands, so does the need for gadgets that simplify and improve our lives.

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    1. Hopelin

      27 December, 2016 at 7:21 am

      Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse is easily one of the best tools I like! Happy to see it get a mention. I’ll have to check out your other recommendations.

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